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Pullman Tokyo Tamachi

Situated in the pulsating heart of Tokyo, amidst the thriving Minato district, Pullman Tokyo Tamachi emerges as a paragon of contemporary opulence and intricate design. This distinguished establishment is intricately woven into the fabric of the city's exuberant life, courtesy of its seamless integration with Tamachi Station. It presents itself as an impeccable hub for both the astute business traveller and the enthusiastic leisure seeker.

The Pullman Tokyo Tamachi is a celebration of a unique confluence of French sophistication with the meticulous craftsmanship synonymous with Japanese culture, standing as a monumental embodiment of architectural grandeur and functional grace.

Occupying a coveted location, it ensures guests enjoy not just the convenience of proximity to essential transportation networks but also an immersive experience in the heart of Tokyo's teeming business arenas and rich cultural tapestry. Embedded with a philosophy that champions sustainability and innovation, the hotel pioneers a progressive stance towards hospitality, promising an experience that is not only ensconced in luxury but also conscientiously mindful of environmental sustainability.

Why You Should Go There

Pullman Tokyo Tamachi represents a serene urban retreat where the quintessential elements of Tokyo's dynamic lifestyle converge in harmony. It stands as a sanctuary for travellers eager to delve into the city's vibrant culture, all while being enveloped in an ambiance of unmatched hospitality. The hotel's strategic location near iconic landmarks, such as the towering majesty of Tokyo Tower and the tranquil expanses of Ueno Onshi Park, provides its guests with endless avenues for adventure and cultural engagement.

Within its walls, Pullman Tokyo Tamachi has meticulously crafted spaces that embody tranquillity and elegance, supported by an array of top-notch amenities and personalized services. The culinary experiences at the hotel's restaurants are a feast for the senses, offering a blend of international and local flavours that cater to gourmet tastes. Moreover, the breathtaking panoramas of the Tokyo skyline serve as a backdrop to every moment spent within the hotel, ensuring that every aspect of your stay is steeped in an experience that is both extraordinary and emblematic of Tokyo's unique allure.


The accommodations at Pullman Tokyo Tamachi are designed with a deep understanding of the needs of today's globetrotter, blending aesthetics, comfort, and state-of-the-art technology in perfect harmony.

Guests can choose from an array of room options, ranging from the generously proportioned Superior Rooms to the sumptuously appointed Superior Suite, with the hotel housing over 143 beautifully designed rooms across its floors. Each space serves as a sanctuary of serenity, framed by mesmerizing views of the cityscape, plush bedding, and advanced technological amenities tailored for entertainment and professional needs alike.

The Superior Executive Rooms and Suites offer the added luxury of exclusive access to the Executive Club Lounge, providing a premium layer of privileges and bespoke services to enhance the guest experience further.

Executive Club Lounge and Kids Club

Pullman Tokyo Tamachi has a beautiful Executive Club Lounge but does not have a Kids Club. Although Pullman Tokyo Tamachi does not host a Kids Club, the hotel's ethos of hospitality extends warmly to families. It prides itself on being an accommodating and welcoming environment for guests of all ages, with a variety of family-friendly amenities and services designed to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable stay for everyone.

The Executive Club Lounge at Pullman Tokyo Tamachi is a realm of unparalleled luxury and exclusivity, poised on the hotel's 9th floor. It offers guests a tranquil haven against the dynamic backdrop of Tokyo's sweeping skyline, making it an ideal locale for both leisurely relaxation and focused business endeavours. The lounge is a testament to refined taste, offering a curated selection of culinary delights and premium services designed to cater to the sophisticated preferences of its patrons. You can read about their Executive Club Lounge by clicking the button below:

Pullman Tokyo Tamachi Executive Club Lounge
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