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Best Travel Tips for Thailand

Thailand is a very popular tourist destination, it is easy to travel to, it is affordable and it's brimming with a diverse culture. It attracts more than thirty six million international tourists each year looking for a unique holiday experience. The country has helpful, kind, and friendly people that appreciate it when travellers learn basic phrases, including “thank you” (kop pun ka for females and kop pun krap for males) or “hello” (sawadee ka for females and sawadee krap for males). The majority of Thailand's population speak English, making it easier when travelling. While their English may be broken and basic, they do try to communicate to the best of their ability. It is recommended you learn your numbers from one to one hundred, helping you in more rural areas when you want to purchase or pay for something. It is advisable to have the Google Translate App on your phone and ready for when you need it. It enables you to translate a voice recording, text, or photograph. It is a handy tool when you want to understand a menu or you need directions.

Image: The beautiful raw white sandy beach and clear blue waters at Railay Beach, Krabi in Thailand

Thailand has become one of the most visited countries in the world with an extensive choice of transport options including buses, tuk-tuks, ferries, motorbikes, planes, speedboats, and more. They have their own taxi hailing app, similar to Uber that includes motorbike options, called Grab. Grab is not used in all the towns or provinces, so you need to check the app every time you arrive in a new place. It's not uncommon for tuk-tuks and taxi's to try and overcharge tourists. It's important to understand the exchange rate and agree on a price before you set off. At the same time, once you do your conversion, you will note that using a taxi or tuk-tuk is much cheaper that using one at home. Most travellers do not know what the right price is for this service, but it's important to remember that bartering is customary in Thailand. The Grab app can hep you identify the cost of a journey in your chosen destination in Thailand, helping you barter effectively with tuk-tuks, taxi's, and motorbike taxis. The motorbike taxi's are cheaper with regular taxis being the most expensive.

Image: Brightly coloured tuk-tuk taxis waiting for passengers

You will want to purchase a local SIM card as soon as you arrive in the country. The majority of English contract SIM cards do offer good international deals for when you travelling, but you will find that it is easier and cheaper to purchase a Thai SIM card. You can get pay as you go deals for one day, ten days, fourteen days, and thirty days. You can choose the one that best suits your travel needs, based on how long you want to explore the country. This ensures you have access to the internet and can make phone calls when you are out and exploring the attractions. It is advisable to find the deals that offer you the most amount of data for the lowest price. Most of the SIM cards have a set amount of data that enables you to Whatsapp, use Messenger, Instagram, and more. Most places offer complimentary WiFi, except in some of the rural areas, where you will find your phone signal is also a little shaky. Thee are three main phone providers in Thailand. These include Dtac, AIS, and TrueMove. Be sure to take your passport with you when visiting one of these stores to purchase your SIM card. You may want to consider an E-SIM if your phone allows it. Not all phones can use E-Sims.

When it comes to dining, you will find that the best places are not always the best looking or most expensive. In fact, you will find the best dishes and flavours at small and hidden restaurants that are filled with locals. They offer authentic dishes that are cost-effective, giving you a true Thai culinary expensive.

Image: Thai Noodle Soup with Pork Meatballs and Vegetables
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