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Top 10 safest countries to travel to in 2023

In an ever-changing world, safety and security are now top priorities for anyone seeking a peaceful and stable life – whether they are a Digital Nomad, or wanting to settle somewhere more permanently. Whatever your needs, it’s essential to choose a country that offers a safe environment. In 2023, several countries stand out as the safest places to live. Let’s dive in to the top 10 of these and learn more:


Iceland continues to rank as one of the safest countries in the world. With a low crime rate, a strong sense of community, and stunning natural landscapes, it provides a tranquil and secure living environment. The nation's emphasis on education and healthcare contributes to its overall well-being. So why not get your skis ready and hop on the next plane!

Image: The stunning Vestrahorn Mountains in Stokksnes, Iceland


Known for its neutrality and efficient healthcare system, Switzerland is another top pick for safety-conscious individuals. Crime rates are exceptionally low, and the country boasts some of the most impressive hiking in the world. But make sure to have your wallet ready, as it isn’t exactly the cheapest destination on the planet.


Singapore has consistently been one of Asia's safest countries. The city-state's strict laws and efficient public services keep crime rates at a minimum. Experiments have even been done where they leave expensive things in cafes and see if they get stolen. Surprise, surprise – they’re all still there when they get back!

Image: Singapore’s incredible cityscape


Norway's beautiful landscapes, excellent healthcare, and strong social safety net make it a safe and desirable place to live. So, if you are not averse to a little cold, maybe this is one for you.

New Zealand:

New Zealand, known for its natural beauty, ranks highly on the safety scale. It offers a peaceful environment, low crime rates, and a strong sense of community. Although, perhaps unlike some of the more exciting places mentioned in this article, your community is likely to feature mainly sheep, as sheep outnumber people by 4:1.


Like Norway, Denmark, with its progressive social policies and high quality of life, is an attractive choice for those seeking safety and security. Over recent years it has already attracted a number of digital nomads who enjoy the vibrant café culture and arts scene.


Finland has an incredible penal system. It’s really worth checking out! Because of this they have a very low return rate for criminal activity and criminals are given education and training in prisons to help them make a new start for themselves. The country's beautiful landscapes and vibrant culture are added bonuses for residents also.

Image: The Northern Lights as seen from the north of Finland


Canada's diverse and welcoming society, combined with low crime rates, secure healthcare, and high living standards, place it on the list of the safest countries to call home. The country's vast and varied landscapes offer something for everyone. Often you’ll hear a Canadian quip about how they get free health care while in the US; a simple fracture can set you back half a year’s wages.


As another Scandinavian country, Sweden, with its strong social welfare system and low crime rates, is another safe haven for residents. The country's focus on equality and work-life balance enhances the overall quality of life.


Japan is known for its low crime rates and strong emphasis on discipline and social order. The country's advanced technology, efficient healthcare, and unique blend of tradition and modernity make it an intriguing and secure choice for those seeking a safe and fascinating place to live. And don’t forget the food! It’s certainly safe for your cholesterol levels!

Image: The famous orange Tori Gates of Kyoto, Japan

These countries offer a high standard of living, efficient healthcare systems, low crime rates, and a sense of community that contribute to their status as some of the safest places to live in 2023.

But remember, no place is entirely devoid of risks. Safety also depends on individual behaviour, and it's crucial for residents to be aware of local laws and customs to ensure their own safety. Factors such as language, climate, job opportunities, and cost of living should be taken into account when making your decision as these are also important considerations for how safe and secure you’ll feel.

Wherever you go, have fun, eat lots and take pics, but STAY SAFE!


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