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Ajman Hotel by Blazon Hotels Kids Club

The Kids Club at Ajman Hotel by Blazon Hotels is currently open from Wednesday to Sunday at  9:30am to 5:30pm. This Kids Club can be found within the Ajman Hotel by Blazon Hotel, either in the K Club, the playground, or the beach. The Ajman Hotel by Blazon Hotel Kids Club is open to all children that are aged four to twelve years old. As a parent, you can rest and rejuvenate easily, knowing that your children are in the best hands.


The Kids Club that the Ajman Hotel by Blazon Hotel has organized activities for children that are between the ages of four and twelve years old. The children will be able to participate in all the activities together, so they will not be separated from their brothers and sisters. While the children can play together, there is a maximum of 8 children that are allowed to play at one time in any of the play areas. All of the activities planned out will be supervised by a professional and for safety reasons all the children will have their temperatures checked before entering the playground. They will also be required to sanitize their hands.

Once your children have been dropped off at the Kids Club for one of the many exciting activities, you will be able to enjoy any one of the activities that the Ajman Hotel by Blazon Hotels offers, by yourself. With so many activities to take part in, your children will be guaranteed to be having an epic adventure, all while being safely supervised by a professional.

Special Scheduled Activities For Your Children

Ajman Hotel by Blazon Hotel has specifically gathered together a Kids Club program that is suitable and open to children from the ages of four to twelve years old. With all the activities being supervised, the children will be able to enjoy themselves in a safe environment. With activities that range from a tag and freeze game, to colouring activities, there is an activity for every individual child and their interests. While there are many activities that are lined up each day, from Wednesday to Sunday, there are time slots where your children will be allowed to play by themselves while being supervised. This is referred to as free play. The variety of activities that the Ajman Hotel by Blazon Hotel Kids Club offers, includes an arts and crafts club that the children flock to. The arts and crafts activities do change every other week, so the children can take part in different activities.

There is an example of the Kids Club timetable available below:


The Ajman Hotel by Blazon Hotel Kids Club is an exciting place for children on holiday to experience. The Kids Club gives children the opportunity to enjoy and partake in activities that they would not normally be able to do, when at home. The team is committed to providing a safe environment for children to create memories.

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