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Discover what makes Qatar stand out as a family holiday destination

The perfect family holiday destination just under seven hours away from London

One of the best methods to teach your children about the Middle East is to take a family trip to Qatar, which is regarded as one of the richest countries in the world. The state's prosperity is due to natural resources such as natural gas and oil, but there are also a plethora of intriguing sites and tourist locations that make Qatar worth visiting as a family.

Before you begin planning a family trip to Qatar, we would like to list some interesting facts about the country, and then we will also highlight some intriguing places and attractions that will make your visit worthwhile.

Interesting facts you may, or may not have known about Qatar

Despite the fact that around 40% of Qatar's entire population is Arab, Arabic is the official language of this country. Surprisingly, many immigrants from Pakistan (approximately 18 per cent) and India (also about 18 per cent) also live in Qatar. That, despite the fact that no foreigner may gain Qatari citizenship!

IMAGE: Many adventures await tourists from foreign countries when visiting Qatar. Most of Qatar’s territory is covered by desert sand, which makes for fun family adventures like camel rides, 4x4 excursions, sandboarding and more.

Because Qatar is not known for its agricultural operations, all food in the country is imported from other countries. In this country, no political rallies, unions, or powers are permitted. The desert covers almost the entire territory of Qatar, making it one of the hottest regions on the planet.

Given that it is a desert country, pure drinking water is generally more expensive than branded beverages like Coca-Cola, and alcoholic beverages are not permitted in public. Qatar obtained independence from Britain in 1971 and, in addition to being a significant worldwide oil exporter, is currently ranked third in the world in terms of natural gas reserves.

What makes Qatar a popular family holiday destination?

Qatar is now open to fully vaccinated international visitors, following almost two years of travel bans amidst the Covid-19 pandemic. This is a place that provides unique and authentic travel experiences for the entire family.

Qatar stands out for a variety of reasons, but it is mainly its amazing amusement parks, spectacular natural sites, interesting activities, pristine coastline, lovely beaches and zoos that add to the country's reputation as a fantastic family destination. It is a destination that caters to all requirements and ages and will keep all family members fully entertained for the duration of their vacation.

Qatar is famed for hundreds of kilometres of scenic coastline as well as gleaming structures that reach up to the sky, as it emerges from the continent and into the Arabian Gulf. Qatar, a peninsula that honours its Bedouin past, offers endless opportunities for fun and adventure, from vast green parks to a wealth of cultural events that both parents and children will enjoy.

IMAGE: Dhows have sailed the waters of Qatar for more than ten centuries and have been at the core of community life, from exploration to fishing and pearl diving. A cruise on a traditional dhow is a beautiful experience for people of all ages.

If you have been planning a family vacation with lots of fun activities, great accommodations, and guaranteed sunshine, you're off to a fantastic start. While it is never simple to keep everyone happy and pleased, from toddlers to teens, there is no shortage of exciting activities to do with the children on a holiday in Qatar, especially when the country abandons its formal reputation as a business stopover destination and embraces the family market.

Qatar has some fantastic family attractions that are worth considering for those days when the kids become too restless. You should then visit Aqua Park Qatar, which offers many daredevil slides for both adults and teenagers, and some gentler alternatives for younger children, as well as the world's first Angry Birds theme park at Doha Festival City, where the computer game characters come to life.

IMAGE: Qatar's first water park, Aqua Park, is located on Salwa Road, around 16 kilometres from the Industrial Area roundabout, and provides aqua entertainment for both children and adults.

After spending a few good hours at Aqua Park, you can still make time for a trip to Katara Cultural Village, just to get some culture in. Once there, you can entice the kids with the promise of delicious ice cream, and they will also enjoy the 1.5km stretch of beach here. You can also stop by the Museum of Islamic Art and explore what's happening in town on your way to a sunset dhow sail.

You might be asking when the best time is to visit Qatar, and while you will enjoy sunshine throughout the year in the Gulf state, peak summer might be too hot for the little ones, and therefore spring is unquestionably one of the best times to take a family trip there. Temperatures will be around the mid-20s, with little humidity and you will be able to enjoy as many of the outdoor activities, as you please.

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