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Five Cheapest Places to See the Northern Lights

One thing on most, if not everyone’s bucket list is The Northern Lights. This is a magical display that lights up the night sky in dazzling colours. Imagine watching green and purple lights dance across the Arctic horizon. It's a full-on experience for the soul.

While it sounds like a dream, this magic is more accessible than you may think. As a matter of fact, experts predict that from 2024 onwards, it may be easier and cheaper to see the Northern Lights than ever before!

So in this article, we bring you five of the cheapest places you can try, regardless of where you are.

1. Tromsø, Norway

Number one on our list is Tromsø in Norway, the largest town in the Arctic Circle outside Russia. Tromso has some of the highest number of Northern Light events in the world.

Travelling here is easy and accommodation is quite affordable. You can easily get cheap flights from Oslo, Norway's capital, and various places to stay for as low as £70 per night.

The least expensive flights might have a long stop in Oslo, which is still an advantage as it gives you a great opportunity to check out Norway’s famous capital while you are on your trip to see the Northern Lights.

Image: A photo of the Northern Lights in a spectacular display of green and purple hues, arching over a snow-capped mountain in Norway.

2. Kiruna and Abisko National Park, Sweden

Kiruna is way up north in Sweden. It is the perfect spot for watching the Northern Lights, thanks to its position well above the Arctic Circle.

Just a quick drive from Kiruna, you will find Abisko National Park, famous for its clear skies and great views of the auroras.

This area is pretty affordable too as you can find cheap places to stay and low-cost flights from big cities in Europe. And while in Kiruna, make sure to explore the famous Icehotel. It is also a cool place that fits just about any budget.

3. Rovaniemi, Finland

Rovaniemi, also known as the official hometown of Santa Claus, is another great spot in Finland to catch the Northern Lights. If you really want to save or don't have a big budget, travel outside the winter holiday season.

There are plenty of budget-friendly activities and cosy spots to stay that won't cost a fortune during this time, and you get to say hi to Santa while you are there.

Image: A photo of a serene field covered with snow-dusted trees, all under the vibrant glow of the Northern Lights in Finland

4. The Shetland Islands

The Shetland Islands are located up north of Scotland. They are closest to the North Pole than any other part of Great Britain and are a hidden gem for catching the Northern Lights without a crowd.

Getting there is affordable, especially if you book early. You can easily find some cosy, budget-friendly spots to stay and enjoy the stunning scenery and unique wildlife too.

5. The Hebrides

The Hebrides are a set of islands off Scotland's west coast. This place is perfect for a peaceful Northern Lights show. More than just the lights, you can also roam the stunning landscapes and explore the islands' deep history.

Travelling to the Hebrides can be quite affordable, especially if you take advantage of off-season discounts. For example, outside the summer months, prices for flights and ferries are highly competitive.

Accommodations are also affordable if you are flexible and don't mind local guesthouses, B&Bs, and small hotels. These often have special rates for longer stays, making it easier to budget for an extended visit.

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