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Hilton London Metropole Bedroom Review

We absolutely loved our stay at the Hilton London Metropole. The two queen beds superior room was perfect for our whole family. The room was beautiful and modern and the amenities were exceptional. The room featured two queen comfortable bed, a large flat-screen 55 inch television, WiFi, air conditioning and a large desk with a chair, making it ideal for both work and relaxation. It was between 30-34 square metres, decorated in a contemporary style, in soft, warm colours. We felt like we were in a home away from home! This room must be one of London's largest double rooms and ideal for a family of four, offering plenty of space to relax and unwind.

Image: Hilton London Metropole Two Queen Beds Superior Room
Image: Hilton London Metropole Two Queen Beds Superior Room View

The two queen beds in the room were incredibly comfortable and inviting. You could just sink into them and they conformed to your body. The supportive cushions gave you comfort that made it difficult to want to get up and out of the bed. The modern decor of the room gave it a feeling of sophistication and style. There was also plenty of storage space for all your belongings and the closets were spacious and organised. The walls were in a soft beige with coordinating picture frames. Every piece was carefully chosen to create an interior that was both stylish and serene.

The modern lighting fixtures and mirrors truly transformed the hotel room into something extraordinary. The strategic placement of the fixtures and mirrors created a delightful atmosphere in the room. The soft, warm lighting from the fixtures filled the room with a cozy ambience. The modern design of the fixtures and mirrors were complemented by sleek, designer frames, giving the room a chic, boutique feel. The lights not only provided ample illumination, but also an elegant and refined atmosphere for rest and relaxation. Moreover, the mirrors served a dual purpose; adding to the décor and giving the room an otherworldly charm.

The hotel had also provided two cute hedgehogs for our two children; this kind and thoughtful gesture was much appreciated and made us feel so taken care of. It was really nice to see that the staff had gone out of their way to make us feel at home. The hedgehogs were so cute and provided a unique and fun touch that our children absolutely loved. We admired the fact that the hotel had paid attention to our needs and had thought to provide something special that our kids would enjoy.

Image: Cute Hedgehogs in the Two Queen Beds Superior Room at the Hilton London Metropole

The hotel bathroom was also extremely stylish, modern, and chic. From the white tiles on the walls and floor, to the clean and spacious shower and bath, and the floating sink with a large mirror above it – it was as if it was designed to reflect a modern and chic style.

Image: Beautiful stylish and modern bathroom at the Hilton London Metropole

All in all, it was an enjoyable and memorable stay. The Hilton London Metropole provided us with an unforgettable experience and we definitely hope to return soon.

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