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Hilton Tokyo Executive Club Lounge

Elevate your stay at the Hilton Tokyo by indulging in the exclusive comforts of the Executive Club Lounge. Open daily from 7:00 am to 9:00 pm, this prestigious retreat on the 37th floor epitomises exceptional service and hospitality. The lounge is a tranquil space offering panoramic views and premium amenities to enhance every aspect of your visit:

  • Breakfast: Begin your day with a splendid breakfast from 6:00 am to 10:30 am at the Marble Lounge on the 1st floor or within the Executive Lounge itself, featuring a varied selection of international and Japanese dishes.
  • Pre-Dinner Drinks: From 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm, unwind with pre-dinner drinks, enjoying the sophisticated atmosphere with either the city's vibrant lights or the park's serene greenery as your backdrop.

In maintaining an exclusive environment, guests are kindly asked to adhere to a smart casual dress code. Access to the lounge for additional guests can be arranged for a fee, ensuring a bespoke experience for all who visit.

Design & Ambiance

The Executive Club Lounge at Hilton Tokyo is a masterclass in modern design, combining functionality with understated elegance. The images showcase an environment where every detail has been considered, from the strategically placed lighting that creates a warm, welcoming glow to the minimalist furniture that balances form and function. City view windows invite the energy of Tokyo inside, while park view windows frame the tranquillity of nature, offering guests a choice between cosmopolitan flair and peaceful respite.

Artistic elements are incorporated throughout, with dynamic sculptures and art installations that draw the eye and start conversations. The layout encourages both private reflection and communal interaction, ensuring that whether you're looking to close a business deal or enjoy quiet contemplation, the setting is perfectly aligned with your needs. The Executive Lounge becomes a hub of sophisticated calm, a place where business travellers can seamlessly transition to leisure, all within a setting that reflects the Hilton's commitment to excellence in hospitality.

Services & Amenities

The services and amenities of the Executive Club Lounge are crafted to meet the expectations of Hilton Tokyo's distinguished guests. Attention to detail is paramount, with a host of tailored experiences designed to add value to your stay. Guests are invited to partake in the lounge's culinary offerings throughout the day, from a delectable breakfast to enticing pre-dinner beverages, each presented with impeccable service.

Concierge services are readily available to cater to your itinerary needs, be it securing reservations at Tokyo's most sought-after dining venues or arranging transport to explore the city's landmarks. The lounge is equipped with high-speed Wi-Fi and modern amenities, ensuring that staying connected is as effortless as it is essential. Comfortable seating arrangements provide the ideal setting for impromptu meetings or relaxing downtime. For those requiring privacy, the Executive Club Lounge includes discreet areas where one can conduct business calls or enjoy a quiet moment. It's a space that doesn't just accommodate your stay; it elevates it, offering a refined slice of luxury in the heart of Tokyo.

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