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M Resort & Hotel Kuala Lumpur Kids Club

M Resort & Hotel Kuala Lumpur provide a beautiful and spacious kids club, offering hours of entertainment for younger guests staying in this luxury hotel. The kids club can be found on the second floor at facility block, open daily from 10am to 7pm, and closed from 12pm to 1pm for cleaning.

Hours of Entertainment

This bright and spacious kids club is a world of wonder to younger guests, offering so much for them to do and see. There are ride on toys, a television playing age appropriate films, table and chairs, indoor slides, and more. The tables and chairs, along with television are separated by a screen, reducing distractions from children enjoying free play in the rest of the space.

The indoor slide sweeps down into a colourful ball park, offering hours of fun for children. There is soft edges around the ball park, reducing the risk of accidents. The top of the slide has a tree design with down lighting, giving a feel of stars or sunlight sparking through the branches.

The kids club at M Resort & Hotel Kuala Lumpur is complimentary to children staying in the hotel. Some of the scheduled activities are charged for. This information on the kids club monthly scheduled activities list. This is a large kids club that can accommodate up to twenty children at a time, with two experienced child minders on duty, ensuring children remain safe, engaged, and having fun. This provides parents with the opportunity to enjoy some of the adult facilities at the hotel, such as a couple of hours pampering in the on-site spa.

A Host of Fun and Engaging Activities

The scheduled activities are regularly changing. We were given the June schedule, that offered hours of entertainment for children. The scheduled activities are offered from 10.30am to 7pm, 7 days a week. The scheduled activities include arts and crafts, along with free time and movie time. Some of the paid activities includes Little Chef, that takes place on a Saturday from 1.30pm to 4.30pm, offering three hours of fun and cooking, providing children with valuable cooking skills. Batik Painting, an Indonesian cloth painting, is offered on Sundays from 1.30pm to 4.30pm, and is also a charged for activity.

You can see an example timetable below –

The arts and crafts selection of scheduled activities is vast, enabling children to take home a piece of their holiday, giving them something to remember. Arts and crafts includes colouring, creating tissue box monsters, bookmark making, hand prints, origami, and bracelet making. They also offer indoor scavenger hunts, movie time, and bracelet making.

This kids club provides fun for children aged four to twelve years of age, offering age appropriate films, games, and toys. Children under the age of four are welcome when accompanied by a parent. It is recommended if your child wants to play in the kids club or take part in any of the scheduled activities, you make a reservation in advance. This ensures the kids club doesn't become overcrowded, as there are only two child minders on duty at all times. This kids club is guaranteed to delight the children, giving them their own space where they can play, learn, and make new friends when holidaying in Kuala Lumpur.

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