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Pizza & Pasta: A Family-Friendly Culinary Journey Through Italy

Italian food is often the first thing that comes to mind when you think of world-class cuisine. It boasts rich and unique flavours, history, and culture. This Mediterranean cuisine has become a popular choice with food enthusiasts throughout the world.

Let us take you on a journey of Italy's culinary delights that are suitable for all members of your family. Join us from breakfast through to your evening meal with dishes to delight the whole family.

Breakfast - Maritozzi

We started our morning with an unforgettable breakfast with maritozzi. This is a simple dish that is brimming with whipped cream, delighting the children. It is topped with orange and lemon zest, adding a refreshing flair. Maritozzi adds to your holiday mood. Adults can add an authentic coffee to blend with the zesty flavours.

Another of our favourite breakfast options while in Italy is Torta Barozzi, which we experienced in Vignola. This is cocoa infused with rich almond, along with a rum after-taste. It is paired with some vanilla ice cream. While you may not think this as a breakfast option, it is indulgent and delicious. The recipe is kept secret by the Gollini family, making it a unique experience when travelling to Vignola.

Image: Cocoa infused Torta Barozzi in the city of Vignola, Italy

Lunch - Pasta

Lunch is a mixture of flavours, heavily focused on freshly made pasta. Liguria's seafood ravioli is a delight for the whole family, especially adventurous children. Usually it has a marjoram garnish. As adult, we enjoyed the Fettuccine al Pomodoro, a pasta combined with slow cooked tomato sauce and topped with parmesan cheese. If you are in Italy during summer, be sure to try the Spaghetti alla Puttanesca that is made sung capers, Gaeta olives, and San Marzano tomatoes. There are more than three hundred pasts to choose from, ensuring everyone in your family finds the pasta that meets their taste buds.

Image: Freshly prepared pasta topped with parmesan cheese

Dinner - Pizza

Pizza is a staple in Italy and a great choice for an evening meal. It's ideal if you want to share among the family or have one of your own. You can choose Romana style thin crust or Neapolital thicker crust. The children often prefer the classic Margherita, though the Pizza Capriccicosa is a mouthwatering delight of mushrooms, ham, and mozzarella. Sometimes the restaurant adds eggs.

Image: Delicious Margherita pizza with fresh basil leaves

Desserts - Gelato & Tiramisu

The creaminess of gelato to the coffee flavours of Tiramisu, dessert is a must when visiting Italy. After you have completed your delicious meal, you may want to treat yourself to authentic Italian gelato. Gelato is crafted with care, using fresh ingredients, to add a choice of flavours from chocolate to strawberry, or lemon to pistachio or hazelnut.

The ultimate finale to your evening meal must be the most loved dessert in Italy, Tiramisu. It's layers of creamy mascarpone cheese, combined with espresso soaked ladyfinger’s, and finally dusted with cocoa powder. This is an irresistible dessert, often preferred by adults, while children enjoy the creamy and smooth gelato.

Image: An Italian restaurant showcasing their mouthwatering Gelato selection

Savour the Experience

When you choose any of these mouthwatering recommendations you will not be disappointed. Each dish is beautifully presented and freshly prepared, leaving you satisfied with an empty plate. Whether you are visiting the hustle and bustle of Rome or the quaint village of Tuscany, we guarantee that you will love the delicious Italian cuisine waiting for you. There is flavours that will tempt the entire family during your Italian holiday experience. Grab your fork and enjoy!

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