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Disney Enchantment: Family Fun at Disneyland Paris

Children around the world ask their parents to take them to Disneyland, a park dedicated to their favourite characters. While it may not be practical to visit Disneyland in the United States, the European version is easily accessible from the UK, located in Paris, just over an hour away by plane, or just over two hours a way using Eurostar. While the idea of an American holiday may be exciting, it could cost you thousands of Pounds, depending on the size of your family. Disneyland Paris is more affordable, while appealing to the whole family.

Image: A happy boy with Disneyland Paris in the background just waiting to be explored

Disneyland Paris has been welcoming visitors for more than thirty years. It is constantly evolving offering the most thrilling and latest creations from the Disney franchise. The park is divided into five sections, each section offering its own bespoke theme.


Discoveryland was home to the Space Mountain Roller-coaster. Today it has been transformed into a Star Warms Hyperspace Museum, taking your family to different galaxies. This is a must for anyone that is a Star Wars enthusiast.


Fantasyland is guaranteed to delight younger children as they come face to face with their favourite Disney princess. This is home to Sleeping Beauty's castle, the perfect location to capture memorable family moments.


As the name suggests, Adventureland is about adventure and home to the famous Captain Jack Sparrow and other characters of the Pirates of the Caribbean. Here you will find Pirates' Beach, where younger children can run freely away from the hustle and bustle of the crowds. Don't miss your opportunity to meet the famous Captain Jack Sparrow, a trickster that uses wit to attain his goals with a reputation of never killing anyone.


Frontierland is a thrilling experience for all family members, home to two of the best family attractions. These include the Big Thunder Mountain Roller-coaster. that has been thrilling visitors to the park since 1992 and the Phantom Manor, offering a mystery tour, complete with scary encounters.

Image: Looking over an artificial lake at the Big Thunder Mountain Roller-coaster.

Main Street U.S.A.

Main Street offers hours of entertainment, known for its famous parades, shops, and restaurants. You can spend hours on this street alone, though your wallet will become significantly lighter the further down the street you walk.

You can explore the park in one day, though it is advised to take the time to plan your trip, prioritising any attractions you don't want to miss. We have put together some useful hints and tips to ensure your visit is maximised.

Early birds catch the worm and this is true when exploring Disneyland Paris. Arrive early to bear the crowds. It's common for the gates to open before the official opening times. This gives you access to prime spots when the rides start. If you enjoy being in the front seat of a roller coaster, then arrive early to secure your spot

If you want to fill your day with rides, then it's advisable to purchase a FAST PASS. Yes it is a little on the expensive side, but it can be a useful tool to reduce your queuing time, enabling you to ride as many rides as you wish throughout the day

It's recommended on arrival to make your way right to the back of the park and make your way back towards the entrance. This strategy is valuable, enabling you to gain access to rides with short queues and having you closer to the gates when your children start tiring, making it quick and easy to exit when you need to.

Image: A view of one of the Disneyland Paris hotels, surrounded by manicured gardens

Disneyland Paris is a magical destination for young travellers, delighting both adults and children. There is something to excite and amaze everyone in the family as you make your way through the park. Chances are once you get home your children will be asking to go back again soon.

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