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Ritz Carlton Abu Dhabi Kids Club

The Ritz Kids Club in Abu Dhabi opens from 9am to 6pm each day, catering to children aged four to twelve years of age. They provide indoor and outdoor activities, which is fully supervised, enabling parents to leave their children with confidence.

There are three dedicated staff members with the children at all times. Children have the choice of free play or taking part in one of the scheduled activities, offered on a daily basis. Scheduled activities range from arts and crafts to board games and scavenger hunts to flower making. There is also a menu selection for full and half day programmes.

There are numerous tables for the children to sit when doing arts and crafts, along with a big screen television with movies, not to mention the selection of toys. The outdoor area, dedicated for children, have fun splash pads.

The Kids Club at the Ritz Carlton Abu Dhabi offers creative activities, engaging with children’s imaginations. Parents can select a half or full day programme, emphasising the cultural traditions and natural wonders of Abu Dhabi, offered through playtime and craft projects.

Indoor and Outdoor Play with Supervised Activities

The Kids Club offers a host of indoor and outdoor activities, giving children the opportunity to mingle with children their own age. It is a safe and healthy environment for children to play and be entertained, while parents go sightseeing or relax in the Executive Club Lounge.

The hotel does ask that no bicycles, tricycles, hover boards, rollerblades or scooters are used on the hotel grounds or in the parking area, ensuring that children remain safe at all times.

Children attending the Ritz Carlton Abu Dhabi Kids Club receive the red carpet treatment. They do not miss any details when it comes to providing for families with younger children. They supply arm bands and anything your child needs to ensure that they also have a great stay at the hotel.

Children Are As Important As the Adults

The hotel is truly family friendly with child beds, bottle warmers, steriliser machines, prams and more.

For Club Level guests, the Executive Club Lounge on the seventh floor allows children during the day with a full range of foods throughout the day, including a sweet bar, brimming with a range of different sweet treats.

The Kids Club is a chance for parents to do some things without having the children tag along. Sightseeing experiences are often not as exciting for children as for adults. With dedicated staff, structured activities and a host of indoor and outdoor games, children are occupied and busy for hours, enabling parents to do what they want to do without the hassle and fuss.

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