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The Difference Between Glamping And Camping

There is nothing like the allure of the outdoors, and a break into nature is exactly what we all need to refresh and rejuvenate. While nature is beautiful and lovely, not everyone wants to be roughing it in the elements, but thankfully, you can now enjoy the thrill of camping without sacrificing all modern amenities. Picture a beautiful sunset over a watering hole with wild animals gathering, the only difference is how you are enjoying the experience. Glamping and camping are now the two most popular ways to get yourself out into nature, but if you have ever wondered exactly what this is and what the differences are, this next guide will teach you everything you need to know about glamping and camping.

Image: One of the Joys of Camping – Seeing Wild Animals at a Watering Hole

Accommodation Options

One of the first and most important considerations for many when going camping is where and on what they will be sleeping, since just plopping your tent down in the middle of nowhere doesn’t appeal to everyone. Traditional camping will be very much like this, and this is great when you want to experience nature in the most simplistic way. For many people, strapping their sleeping bag and tent to their backpack and adventuring out into the outdoors is the perfect form of therapy, and if you are a fan of getting up close with nature, this method of camping will be everything you want and more.

Putting up a tent and laying underneath the stars in your sleeping bag is an experience that brings you closer to nature, and this simplistic camping is a great deal of fun, but thankfully, this is not the only way to enjoy a bit of time away from the hustle and bustle of the city. With glamping, your accommodation will be quite a bit nicer, and instead of laying on the ground with makeshift shelter, you will be enjoying a luxurious sleeping arrangement that allows you get out into nature without having to sacrifice any of your sleep.

Image: The Unmatched Feeling of Pitching Your Tent Out in Nature Far from All Human Civilization

Glamping locations are set up with framed shelters such as yurts or small houses, and this means that you will be able to sleep soundly and completely sheltered from the outside elements. This comfort will definitely make any camping trip a million times better and trust us when we say that a soft and warm bed is better than gold after a busy day outdoors enjoying the ruggedness of nature. Camping usually includes only taking what you can carry, and this means you will truly be leaving most of your modern amenities at home. A small camp stove and basic food supplies can be brought along to ensure you can enjoy a cup of coffee with your morning view, but once again, glamping is vastly different.

When going glamping, you can expect to find basic comforts such as electricity, a fridge and some other modern luxuries inside of your accommodations, and this ensures you can still lay on your bed and scroll through social media even in the middle of nowhere!

Image: The Perfect Glamping Setup – A Comfy Bed Inside a Sheltered Tent

Practical Considerations

Next, we dive into one of the most important reasons camping is not for everyone and why glamping may be the best way to enjoy the beauty of nature. As far as lavatory facilities go, with traditional camping, you are pretty much on your own. When you reach your camping spot and need to use the loo, you may just pick your favourite tree and get down to it, but with glamping, things are a bit more sophisticated. Glamping comes with fully working bathrooms and sometimes even a shower, which is great if you want to wake up every day feeling clean and refreshed. There’s no shame in building up a few days' worth of dirt while roughing it on a camping trip, but for those of us who prefer not to miss daily showers, glamping provides all the best comforts you need right in the heart of nature.

With camping, one often needs to consider the time of year and location you are planning to camp, since you will be at the mercy of the elements for the most part. You can open and close your tent door flaps to try and keep it cool or cosy, but apart from this, temperature control while camping is basically non-existent. When camping, you have to rely on thermoregulating clothes and biding your time, since camping in the middle of a scorching summer or in the dead of a freezing winter would not be advised.

Glamping takes braving the elements out of camping, and instead, you can enjoy air-conditioned sleeping quarters that will keep all the bugs out and let you sleep like a baby. You will be able to enjoy comfortable and soft bedding and even space to store your clothes, which means that glamping will truly be an experience that is second to none in terms of having the comforts of home around you.

Image: Enjoying A Day Out in Nature – Will You Choose Camping or Glamping?

What You Will Be Eating

One major difference between glamping and camping is what you will be eating on your trip, and both of these have their advantages. With traditional camping, we get to roast marshmallows and enjoy the peace and quiet of being totally isolated in nature, but this also comes with searching for your own firewood and making your own fire. There is joy in being able to get lost in nature this way, and no camping experience would be complete without making smores, roasting some hotdogs and making Dutch oven bread.

On the other hand, glamping includes an experience that is much more convenient and closer to what you’d expect at home. Glamping, whether in an RV or at a resort, will offer many more food options, and you can expect to find basic cooking amenities that will allow you to make your favourite meals while out in nature. Combined with the amenities of a refrigerator and freezer, you can easily plan meals and ensure that you can still enjoy variety. Some glamping locations may even offer restaurants close to the site, which adds a whole new level of comfort and luxury to camping.

Another big consideration for any camping trip is how you will stay hydrated, as not only do you have to carry all your food with you, but clean drinking water is also an essential you will not be able to find out in nature. This means that camping preparation is absolutely essential, and depending on the length of your trip, you may need to train to get strong enough to carry all your provisions with you. The last thing anyone needs to worry about when glamping is this, as you will be able to bring some groceries with you knowing they can stand in the refrigerator, and glamping sites will also offer running water amenities that ensures this worry never needs to cross your mind.

Image: One of the Best Camping Classics – Roasting Marshmallows in the Fire

Both tent camping and glamping hold their unique benefits and allure, but ever since glamping became trendy, experiencing the rugged outdoors is possible for many more people. There is nothing quite as healing and rejuvenating for the soul as some time away from your busy daily life, and now, when you want to go into the depths of nature to get some peace and quiet, you will now be able to decide whether you want to rough it or enjoy a luxurious nature trip. With this guide, you will know exactly what to expect from both camping and glamping, so you can now get started on packing your bags!

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