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The ultimate travel guide for Kuwait

A Country in Middle East Asia Famous for its Stunning Cityscape and Hot Sand Dunes

Kuwait is a country in Arabia that is located on the Persian Gulf. This Arabian jewel is a fusion of traditional Islamic culture and Western liberalism, but religion remains a vital element of daily life. Kuwait also has many tight restrictions and rules, and in order not to insult the residents, all visitors to this country should be aware of those rules, which include a dress code for female tourists.

The best time to visit Kuwait is in the spring when the weather is mild and pleasant. Summer days can be scorching hot! This country also has several attractions for visiting families, such as marinas, fantastic modern retail complexes, and museums, and this guide will show you some of the most popular trip destinations that are commonly visited.

IMAGE: Kuwait as seen from above - A Country in Middle East Asia famous for its stunning cityscape, amongst others.

Time to Shop

Who doesn't enjoy shopping, especially in one of the world's most prestigious shopping malls? The name ‘360 Mall’ comes from the fact that it is constructed in the shape of a circle and made mostly of glass, signifying a 360-degree aspect. All under one roof, this mall provides high standards of comfort, elegance, outstanding entertainment, and some of the best cuisine. 360 mall contains a variety of brand stores that are not available in other shopping centres like The Avenues, and to your surprise, you will find the hypermarket is in the basement.

Another innovation is the presence of a movie theatre with movies ranging from IMAX to 2D. The food court is not the world’s biggest, but at least it is well-diversified, and even has an African restaurant serving the best steak! It may appear to be a conventional shopping centre, yet the architecture of this structure tells a different story.

What is the most visited place in Kuwait?

Kuwait Towers is a trio of thin towers that represent not only Kuwait's economic rebirth but also its culture. It is a well-known and highly popular tourist attraction. Although there are three different towers, the construction is commonly referred to as 'the Kuwait tower' in a singular form.

The main tower stands 187 meters (614 feet) tall and houses two spheres while the lower sphere contains a 500 cubic metres water tank of four in its bottom half, a lounge, a café, and a restaurant that can house up to 90 people at a time, as well as a reception hall in its upper half.

IMAGE: One of the most famous landmarks of Kuwait, is the Kuwait Towers.

Fun for the entire family

Trampo Center is located near the Sahara Kuwait Golf Resort in the Murouj Complex, as well as the Baroque Marina Mall and the Promenade Mall. Trampo Extreme is Kuwait's newest fun activity centre, where you can enjoy endless hours of fun with your family or friends, throughout the year. You can throw some balls around in the Dodgeball Zone, bounce around in the trampoline arena, and play in the foam pit.

IMAGE: Green Island in Kuwait is a favourite among locals and international visitors. This man-made island is perfect for family picnics and get-togethers.  

Spend some quality family time together at Green Island  

Green Island is not a natural phenomenon, but a man-made island found in Kuwait that is ideal for families with children to spend time together. On weekends, families visit Green Island for picnics but note that barbeques inside the facility are prohibited, following a decision by the government.

Travel to Failaka Island

Failaka Island is one of Kuwait's most renowned historical islands. It is located 20 kilometres off the coast of Kuwait City, in the northwest corner of the Arabian Gulf. While it is a famous tourist destination with many attractions, this island is advised for a winter vacation to Kuwait. This island functioned as Alexander the Great's army garrison, and as a result, the island contains a good number of Greek remains that you may want to explore.

 It also has a museum palace that is notable for displaying the life story of Sheikh Abdullah Al Salim Al Sabah, as well as classic 1950s dwellings in its heritage village. During your visit to Failaka Island, you can enjoy boating, fishing, jet-skiing, swimming, sailing, and other water sports.

IMAGE: Failaka Island is a popular holiday destination for international travellers. One can enjoy boating, fishing, jet-skiing, swimming, sailing, and other water sports when visiting this island in Kuwait.

Kuwait City, in addition to its natural wonders, charm and unique attractions, has a real Arab feel and modernity that makes it more than just a desert paradise. Why should you bring your family to this country? Because it boasts one of the most simplified visa application processes in the world, so admission can be quite fast and effortless.

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