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The Westin Mumbai Garden City Kids Club

The Westin Mumbai Garden City have not forgotten their younger guests, providing an unsupervised Kids Club, located on the fourth floor, near the Spa Reception. This small Kids Club opens daily from 6am to 10pm, catering to children of all ages. It offers exclusive access to children and their parents staying in the hotel. This small Kids Club is a wonderland for younger guests that want to play, have fun and make new friends.

Unsupervised Entertainment for Young Guests

This is a very small Kids Club that provides indoor entertainment for younger travellers. All parents know how bored children get when travelling and this provides your children with a chance to play and have fun, while enabling parents to sit back and relax. This is an unsupervised kids club, therefore there must be a parent or guardian with the child at all times when using the space.

The Kids Club offers free admission to children staying in the hotel with a host of fun toys to take advantage of. This open area offers horse rocking chairs, a kids house, teddy bears and more. What stands out when you arrive at the Kids Club is the brightly coloured flooring that turns that area into something magical for the children. The small area has a brightly coloured plastic fence and flooring and children know they have arrived in their play area. It's a great opportunity for children to play, let off steam and meet with other children. The soft flooring eliminates the risk of children injuring themselves if they take a tumble.

This Kids Club may be small, but if offers ample entertainment to keep children engaged and occupied for hours, giving parents some breathing space and reducing the need to keep them locked up in the guest room. Travelling with younger children is not easy and the team at The Westin Mumbai Garden City have transferred this fourth floor space into an area where children can be entertained and make new friends. The television on the wall plays age-appropriate films and if children prefer, they can curl up on the sofa with their parent and watch.

Indoor Entertainment for Children and Parents

The corner of the room is where you find the Kids Club, cordoned off with a plastic fence, large teddy bear, plastic playhouse and ride on toys. This turns this corner of the room into a wonderland for younger guests, while the parent can use the wireless internet to catch up on social media or send an email.

While it is a great opportunity to enable children of all ages to play and let off steam, it's also a social experience for parents and guardians, enabling them to chat to other parents, discuss some child-friendly experiences in Mumbai and more. As many parents know, choosing a hotel that offers a kids club is highly beneficial, ensuring your holiday goes smoothly, reducing the risk of tantrums and tears, while keeping younger children entertained. While it is a small kids club, it does create a fun environment for younger children to explore, play and have fun.

The hotel not only offers the indoor Kids Club for younger guests, they also offer babysitting services that are offered on request. This enables parents to enjoy a relaxing evening meal, knowing their children are cared for. While the Kids Club can keep children entertained for hours, out of the heat of the sun, complete with air conditioning, there is also outdoor entertainment. The children's pool, located next to the adult outdoor swimming pool, provides hours of outdoor entertainment for younger guests, complete with water slides.

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