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Top 5 Best Value Family Friendly Hotels in China

Top 5 Best Value Family Friendly Hotels in China

Exploring China with your family can be an exceptional holiday. Staying at any of these top 5 hotels can help you have a great time. They are affordable and offer you a wonderful place to sleep while away from home. We reviewed many hotels in China but they are at the top of the list.

InterContinental Century City Hotel Chengdu

The rooms at the magnificent InterContinental Century City Hotel Chengdu offer a lovely view of the city. The rooms are large and provide extra space for families to relax and enjoy their time together. The city has plenty to explore, and most of it is within walking distance of the hotel.

The accommodations feature several restaurants with plenty of delightful dishes to pick from. Outdoor dining is an option and a favourite of many guests. The city offers many parks and museums for your family to explore. There is live entertainment, amazing places to eat, and shopping malls. There are bus tours for places you may wish to go that are further away than your hotel proximity.

Image: Enjoy an amazing meal outdoors when you stay at the InterContinental Century City Hotel Chengdu.

InterContinental Shenzhen

Located in the heart of Chinatown, this large hotel is going to blow you away! The InterContinental Shenzhen offers more than 500 rooms and they all have panoramic windows to offer a great view. The area is surrounded by parks and gardens you and your family can explore. Shenzhen Bay isn’t far and offers many options including boating and fishing. The private beach is appreciated by guests.

The hotel features daily activities for children and families to take part in. There are three swimming pools for everyone to relax and have a great time around. There are several restaurants and you can choose to dine inside or outdoors. Some of the best dishes you will find in China are offered at this hotel.

Image: Enjoy a wonderful stay at the InterContinental Shenzhen where you can enjoy places to explore and the water.

IntraContinental Qingdao

You can’t beat the location of the IntraContinental Qingdao. The water is easily accessible, making it convenient for your family to go back and forth as often as you like each day. There is ample shopping, dining, and entertainment within walking distance. Some of the largest entertainment venues in China are in this area. See what is on the schedule for nightlife once you know your travel dates.

The hotel offers a lovely view of the skyline when the sun goes down. There are over 400 rooms and 9 restaurants at this hotel. The kid’s club offers daily activities for the entire family to enjoy. There are several swimming pools, one of them is shallow for young children to splash around in.

Image: Dine in one of the 9 restaurants at the IntraContinental Qingdao while enjoying an amazing view of the city.

The Ritz-Carlton, Hong Kong

This is the highest hotel in the world and features over 300 rooms. Each of them offers a lovely view of either the city or the harbour. There are 6 restaurants, featuring a variety of dishes you will love. Relax around the water with your family or schedule a boating excursion. There are several swimming pools to spend time at too.

Hiking is a favourite activity around The Ritz-Carlton, Hong Kong. Take your family on a fascinating journey that includes marked paths. You will see the rich landscaping, the lovely water, and plenty of plants and flowers. There is an abundance of wildlife in this region you may see at certain times of the day too.

Image: The view from The Ritz-Carlton, Hong Kong is unlike any place you have stayed before.

InterContinental Foshan

There are 445 hotels at the InterContinental Foshan and the view is amazing. The rooms are very large, offering families plenty of space to enjoy their stay. The two swimming pools and the tennis courts are fun places for families to interact. The hotel has wonderful restaurants offering indoor and outdoor seating. The hotel has large windows so you can see the water or the city.

Being able to walk to many shopping areas, entertainment venues, parks, and tourist attractions makes this location very enticing. Find one of a kind items at the shopping plaza you can take home as a reminder of your time in China.

Image: Staying at the InterContinental Foshan gives you access to the city, the water, and all the shopping you can handle!
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