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Afternoon Tea at The Orchard Room in the Conrad London St James Hotel Experience

The Conrad London St James Hotel is home to the luxurious Orchard Room, offering a mouthwatering afternoon tea experience. As a family of four, we have various tastes, though we found ourselves in this elegant space where a sublime afternoon tea awaited us.

Image: The elegant Orchard Room At The Conrad St James Hotel

On arrival, we were amazed at the sophistication and elegance of the space. High backed plush chairs, table cloths, and soft lighting gave the restaurant that opulent feeling, making us feel as though we had arrived somewhere special. The tables have been strategically placed, giving you space to enjoy your afternoon tea and have a chat without disturbing the other guests.

Image: Immaculately presented Dining Tables At The Orchard Room In The Conrad St James Hotel

There is gentle music playing the background and the staff are on hand to welcome you and direct you to your table. The afternoon tea experience is second to none and should not be missed when in the area. It is completely indulgent, complete with freshly baked scones, pastries, and a choice of savoury delights, all complemented by Champagne Bollinger, if you want some bubbles with your afternoon tea presentation.

Image: Perfectly presented table at The Orchard Room In The Conrad St James Hotel

The Orchard Room provides a vast tea selection for all tastes, all hand-selected to ensure you enjoy the finest leaves in the world. Choose from a selection of black teas to white, and green teas. There was also a choice of Oolong or herbal teas, along with coffees, including flat whites, espressos, and cappuccinos.

Image: Stunning floral wall display at The Orchard Room In The Conrad St James Hotel

We chose the South African Rooibos (Red Bush) tea and the Lemon Verbena herbal tea, while the children chose their favourite, hot chocolate. This was a sign that The Orchard Room really does cater for every guest, no matter the age and no matter their preferred taste.

Our excitement mounted as the three-tier tray arrived with an assortment of finger sandwiches, providing true British flair with apple, mint, cucumber, and cream cheese options. The one that was the highlight was the beautifully roasted beef, complete with a zesty horseradish sauce.

Image: Three-tier tray Afternoon Tea at The Orchard Room In The Conrad St James Hotel

Our children have a sweet-tooth and it's not always easy to find an afternoon tea that appeals to our entire family, but The Orchard Room at The Conrad St James Hotel did not disappoint. The sweet selection tickled all our taste buds from the choice of pastries to the stunning Bramley apple cake. The children were quick to dig into the dark chocolate sponge cake with cheery and beetroot mousse. The rhubarb custard tart was a top favourite for all of us.

Image: Beautifully presented three-tier stand with mouthwatering Afternoon Tea at The Orchard Room In The Conrad St James Hotel

Being vegan, it's not always easy to find an afternoon tea that accommodates what I can eat. The Orchard Room at The Conrad St James Hotel are prepared for all dietary requirements, including vegans. My selection was no different from the main selection, boasting flair and creativity, presented to perfection. The staff quickly advised the kitchen of my dietary needs and presented custom sandwiches that were flavourful and delicious.

Image: The vegan Afternoon Tea selection at The Orchard Room In The Conrad St James Hotel

When it comes to scones, they need to be freshly baked and buttery. The chefs at The Orchard Room have this perfected. Every mouthful was a delight. They presented a choice of scones including dark chocolate stracciatella scones, blueberry scones, and trditional Jersey butter scones, each one as good as the next. Being vegan, I received my own scone selection that were as delicious as the non-vegan variety.

We spent two hours in The Orchard Room at The Conrad St James Hotel, indulging ourselves in delicious sandwiches, pastries, scones, and sweets. We were reluctant to leave when we realised the time, thanks to the fantastic spread, freshly prepared dishes, and the attentive and professional staff. The INFINtea experience is definitely something worth enjoying when in the area.

The afternoon tea at The Orchard Room is a memorable experience, something everyone should experience when in London. It's not only for adults, ask our children. They loved every minute of this gastronomic experience.

The Orchard Room at The Conrad London St James combines flavours with impeccable service, and an elegant ambience that makes you want to go back for more. Set in the hustle and bustle of the city, it’s a quiet haven where you can indulge yourself in mouthwatering delights. It is not only for special occasions, it is an experience you can enjoy as and when you want, whether you are looking for a fun foody experience or you want to enjoy a family day in London.

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