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Discover why Kuwait is a fantastic place for a get-away-from-it-all family holiday and why we love this country

You simply have to see it to believe it

Kuwait family vacations will take you and your family to a spiritual, yet trendy place that perfectly blends ancient heritage and contemporary. The alluring retail malls and coastal resorts of Kuwait City provide plenty of relaxation and luxury. At the same time, thrill seekers can go out into the vast desert plains or try their hand at scuba diving for a truly memorable experience.

It is no secret that Kuwait is home to one of the region's largest shopping malls, The Avenues, as well as many other malls brimming with brand names and designer boutiques, as detailed in previous blog posts. One can also head to an Arabian souk during your family vacation in Kuwait for a more traditional retail experience, where you can haggle over prices with local vendors.

One of the first things we normally do when we plan a family holiday, is to find suitable accommodation, and Kuwait has plenty of high-quality hotels and seaside villas to choose from. If you and your family want to be right in the centre of things while on vacation in Kuwait, try booking accommodation in the northern portion of the capital, Kuwait City. Many of the country's prominent attractions, such as the Kuwait Towers and the Grand Mosque, may be found here, as well as many traditional souk marketplaces. It's an excellent starting point for experiencing the actual essence of Kuwaiti city life.

IMAGE: A beachside holiday is also an excellent way to take advantage of the country's stunning coastline. If you are in the market for a luxury vacation package, you may want to consider Kuwait City’s 5-star Jumeirah Messilah Beach Hotel & Spa, which is a stone throw away from the ocean and exquisite beach. For guests on a family vacation, the hotel also includes a kids' club.

A day at the Zoo

Families with children should definitely consider visiting the local Kuwait Zoo, which is set on the grounds of an extraordinarily lovely park with artificial lakes and swans. This zoo's animals meander around wide cages, and you can view some uncommon predators like as lions and brown bears. Gazelles and giraffes are among the nicest residents, eagerly accepting treats from visitors. The zoo is rather big, so plan an entire day for this visit, as it makes for a pleasant outing where you and your family can walk around, see some interesting animals and simply relax in the shade of the many trees.

IMAGE: When visiting the Kuwait Zoo, you will be able to see some Gazelle and Giraffe among many other animals.

Amusement Parks

KidZania rate among the best amusement park in Kuwait. This is an indoor entertainment centre that is part of one of the city's largest shopping and entertainment complexes. Children are invited to ride on a miniature, colourful train and there are several game simulators at the centre, as well as an excellent playground for kids. Also, there are quite a numerous of interesting shops nearby that cater to the needs of children, as well as some cosy cafes with a broad assortment of sweets.

Museums, monuments and markets

Kuwait City is a beautiful, friendly city with many colourful marketplaces, museums, and monuments that have all become popular tourist destinations. The Kuwait National Museum is a very popular tourist destination because of its collection of precious archaeological treasures and Islamic artifacts. The Museum of Islamic Art is a must-see for anyone interested in learning more about the works of local sculptors and artists.

IMAGE: Be sure to visit The Kuwait National Planetarium with your kids when in Kuwait City.

The Kuwait National Planetarium is a large space consisting of a 15-meter horizontal dome. After its inception in the 1980s, it became the first of its kind in the Gulf area and shortly thereafter, it was completely outfitted with the necessary technology and materials. Following the Iraqi invasion, it was renovated and reopened to the public and the dome underwent another major upgrade with UniviewTM, which enabled state-of-the-art interactive storytelling in a 3D environment as well as complete dome capabilities, in 2007.

Other important information about Kuwait

Kuwait's official language is Arabic, but English is widely known and frequently used in commerce. The Kuwaiti dinar (KWD) is the local currency, and ATMs and credit cards are commonly accepted. Tourists are also encouraged to bargain for lower pricing in local markets. While there is a solid bus transit system in place, cabs or taxis are a good method to get around in Kuwait, and if you need to charge your mobile devices or other devices, you'll primarily find type G and C plug outlets. The voltage is 240V and the frequency is 50Hz.

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