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Hyatt Regency Dubai Creek Heights Kids Club

At Hyatt Regency Dubai Creek Heights the young crowd between five and fourteen years old is offered the perfect destination, when their parents are needed elsewhere or when they simply want to relax on their own. The Kids Club is located on the 2nd floor and  is open every day from 10am until 7pm and is well-organised and supervised by staff that look after the children and care for them as they ensure that the little ones are always occupied and never bored.


Kids can be left with great confidence at the Kids Club where they are treated to wonderful opportunities to play with others, learn about themselves and their peers and explore the world around them with carefully designed programmes to ensure they are entertained. Children are offered 2 hours of complimentary access every day and should be dropped off and fetched by a parent or guardian.

Fun Playtime and Supervised Activities

Children are offered great opportunities to enjoy free play, to mingle with others around their own age and to discover things and objects they may not encounter every day such as train tracks, different cars, kitchen racks for the girls, and TV watching for all. All of these activities have been carefully chosen by the staff that work with the little ones every day to ensure every child is offered an opportunity to play and learn at the same time. The experienced staff understand that children of different age groups have different needs and interests; therefore they adjust programmes to ensure that they aim the activities at children with their own requirements as per their age group. Choices are offered to ensure every child is given ample opportunity to have a great time, whatever the activity they are taking part in.

Keeping Them Interested and Excited

Different activities are offered so that children can look at pictures, page through books, enjoy colouring in activities, board games and a plethora of other games and toys to keep them interested and excited about their visit at the Kids Club. The room is clean and inviting, with great emphasis on all the colours of the rainbow to help create an exciting space where children can learn about animals that are displayed on the walls, the opportunity to use an abacus, watch TV and sit at small tables on matching chairs. Lots of good, natural light outside brings the surrounds right into the space which contributes to the children’s understanding of space and distance. They are always encouraged to want to find out more and to mix with the others – always under the watchful eye of a responsible adult.


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