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Portugal's beautiful beaches, well-developed infrastructure and rich history

Your dream family holiday awaits!

Family vacations in Portugal are growing increasingly popular (particularly in April and May, as well as August and September). And this is not surprising given that this country, first and foremost, is the source of constant excitement, and talking about it may go on for a long time without interruption.

It is difficult to paint a picture that perfectly conveys even a fraction of the emotions evoked by the west coast's caves, cliffs, and capes, for example. You will know you have returned from an unforgettable family vacation, once you have seen and experienced some fado music, the Douro Valley wineries, the splendour of the plains of the Alentejo (also known as Portugal's 'breadbasket', a whiff of the unique Arabian infused wind in the Algarve and the fragrance of fried sardines in Porto. However, these are only a few finishing touches to a magnificent and complete picture of Portugal.

The weather in Portugal in September is similar to that of the summer, with temperatures rarely falling below 25 degrees Celsius. During September, your family can also thoroughly relax on the country's beaches and swim in the sea, since the ocean water is naturally heated by the sun to 20 ° Celsius. September is, therefore, an extremely favourable month to visit this country, especially for those who cannot tolerate the extremely hot weather.

IMAGE: Portugal is a small country with a lot to offer. There are over 200 medieval castles that will simply dazzle your imagination with their opulence. The city of Lisbon, as well as Sintra and Porto, are buzzing with activity, but each city has a distinct history and cultural heritage worth exploring.

Portugal is unquestionably a lovely country, with its rich cultural traditions and history. It is located in the southwestern part of Europe and attracts millions of tourists each year with its majestic mountains, a plethora of stunning beaches ideal for surfing and diving, vineyards, and picturesque landscapes surrounded by olive groves.

An ideal family activity is to appreciate the almond trees and the wonders of the local architecture, by hiring a car for the day, or to simply walk through the labyrinths of narrow streets of typical villages and sit at a friendly street cafe and indulge in the national Portuguese drink - tart aromatic port. You will also find that here, on the outskirts of Europe, are some of the best balneological resorts for improving your precious health. Portugal is a country full of adventure, fun, and relaxation and it offers something for every member of your family to enjoy.

IMAGE: This is what family holidays in Portugal is all about – relaxation on the beach. Lisbon, located on the Atlantic Ocean coast, is endowed with a plethora of beautiful beaches, the majority of which are easily accessible from the Portuguese city.

The "Lisbon Riviera" is a vast network of luxury resorts located near Portugal's capital, Lisbon. Well-developed infrastructure and especially the beautiful beaches draw many visitors from around the world to this area, but it's worth devoting some time away from the sea, is to see Lisbon in all its splendour.

Queluz Palace

The Queluz Palace, erected in the 17th century, is a popular tourist destination in Portugal. It was previously the home of Portuguese King Pedro II. Today, the structure often plays host to some classical music events. However, an earthquake completely destroyed St. George's Castle, which dates back to ancient times.

The Ribeira district is the most attractive in the city. A festive mood is created by colourful houses that stick out above each other. To truly appreciate Portuguese hospitality, you should visit a local cafe and order a traditional Francesinha sandwich, which is made in front of your eyes in an open oven, and don't forget the port wine for the adults to round off a great lunch.

IMAGE: The Don Luis Bridge, designed by an Eiffel student, provides the best view of the Port region. The bridge is well-known for having two levels: one for cars below, and one for trains above. Tourists can reach the historic wine cellar Villo Nova de Gaia through the convenient pathways around the area.

Where to stay

Pine Cliffs in Albufeira is one of those family-friendly resorts that has something for everyone and so checks all the boxes, hence the reason why we are going to highlight it in this blog article. The sheer size of this resort, perched on the russet cliffs above the glorious sandy Praia da Falésia, the consistent sunshine and bright blue skies, and the fact that everything you need is on hand all contribute to a reassuringly relaxed family vacation.

Those who are familiar with this resort, usually make a beeline for the two- and three-bedroom garden-level residence rooms, where each of the wonderful spacious bedrooms and sitting spaces spill out onto a trimmed lawn, which is only a stone throw away from one of the many pools here.

Beach vacations in Portugal are one of the country's main draws, and there are several family-friendly resorts where you can fully enjoy the gorgeous weather, warm seawater, and white sand. However, there are some ideal ocean areas in Portugal, such as Algarve Province, where the climate is mild, and the seawater is pleasant thanks to rocky mountain ranges that protect the region from strong winds.

IMAGE: Madeira is another renowned tourist destination, that includes the Palace of Monte and the wild tropical gardens. People come here to climb to the highest point on the island of Pico Riva and experience the vibrant colours of the town Curral das Freiras, which is secluded from society in the natural jungle.

Praia da Rainha (where the Portuguese queen has swum before), Praia de Duquesa, Praia da Conceiço, and Praia do Tamariz are some of the best beaches for swimming and sunbathing. Many tourists, however, prefer to visit the artificially produced sandy beach at Praia de Machico or to make a stop in the east of the island, where there is a cosy beach with volcanic sand called Praia da Prainha. Porto Santo, located in the southeast of the island of the same name, offers visitors a peaceful beach vacation with a flat sand line.

Whatever destination you choose for your family's vacation, Portugal is regarded for providing some of the best vacations thanks to the island's favourable weather. Holidays in Portugal will be remembered for the breathtaking landscapes, the magical energy of the sea, as well as its architectural masterpieces. You will undoubtedly want to return to enjoy the splendour of a once-in-a-lifetime vacation.

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