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Ritz Carlton Bahrain Kids Club

The Ritz Carlton Bahrain Kids Club, also known as the Ritz Kids Club is open to the children staying at the hotel from 9am to 6pm every day. Locate within the hotel, this Kids Club caters to children that are aged four to twelve years old. All activities that the team at the Kids Club has scheduled are all age appropriate and exciting to keep all children engaged and having fun. All of the activities have been designed for different age groups. While the schedule is action packed with a variety of activities, the hotel has made provision for the best indoor and outdoor facilities for the children to enjoy.

The Ritz Kids Club has scheduled activities for children that are aged from four to twelve years old. This Kids Club is based conveniently within the hotel, so children and parents have easy access to it. While parents would love to enjoy the activities and facilities of the hotel, they can feel at ease with their children being able to have a great time while under the watchful eye of the supervisors at the Kids Club. While the Kids Club is open from 9am to 6pm every day, it is closed from 1pm to 2pm for lunch.

The Kids Club team requests that parents pick their children up during this time to have lunch together as a family. Children that come through to the Kids Club will be able to take part in a variety of different scheduled activities that have been set out by the team. Children can either play by themselves, with their brothers and sisters or they can make new friends at the Kids Club. Children will be able to get lost in their own world while participating in their activity schedule or playing on their own in the state of the art facilities that the hotel has provided.

Special Scheduled Activities for Ritz Kids

The Ritz Kids Club team has carefully put together a unique and special schedule together that will get children that are staying at the hotel to engage and enjoy all activities. This particular Kids Club has stunning indoor and outdoor facilities. The outdoor play area has colourful jungle gyms and swing sets that are placed within the hotels manicured gardens. The indoor Kids Club facilities have been decorated and furnished so nicely. While the highlighting colour is green throughout the Kids Club, it is decorated with colourful bean bags and chairs, as well as organised bookcases for the children. Other features of the indoor facilities include a flat screen television to watch cartoons on, as well as many books to read from. Children can expect to take part in activities like: arts & crafts, Twister tag, UNO, indoor bowling and more.

You can see an example of the Ritz Kids Club timetable here:

The Ritz Kids Club team ensures that all staff are friendly and welcoming into the Kids Club. All activities are geared towards children having the maximum amount of fun possible, and there are so many activities, they will never get bored.


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