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The Chedi Muscat Executive Club Lounge

The Chedi Muscat Executive Club Lounge is nestled near the tennis courts on the hotels grounds. It is open daily from 8am to 9pm. Guests can expect a unique and interesting range of food choices throughout the day in the Executive Club Lounge, including:

  • Water, tea and coffee (self-service) served from 9am to 3pm
  • High tea snacks served from 3pm to 5pm.
  • Cocktails and Canapés served from 6pm to 8pm

While visiting the Executive Club Lounge during the cocktails and canapés times, guests can expect to order drinks free of charge. Guests are able to either choose spirits or wine, as well as non-alcoholic drinks.

Luxury to Match The Essence of The Hotel

The Executive Club Lounge is only accessible to guests at the hotel staying in Deluxe Club Room, Deluxe Club Terrace and Chedi Club Suites. The Executive Club Lounge at the Chedi Muscat offers a touch of the Omani architecture with Asian elements. The hotel allows guests to experience the epitome of luxury with the Executive Club Lounge. From the unique furnishing to the mouth-watering food that is on rotation all day. Everything that is on offer at the Executive Club Lounge makes staying at the exclusive suites very much worth it.

One of the talking points of the Executive Club Lounge is the breath taking views that guests can see through the elongated windows to match the hotels stunning architecture. As guests walk onto the steps that lead outdoors through the lounge, they are met with the beauty of the hotel as well as outside furniture that can be enjoyed while basking in the sun. If guests would prefer to stay indoors, they can be seated on one of the many European inspired and upholstered furniture pieces.

The Executive Club Lounge does not allow access to children that are below the ages of six years old and children that are between the ages of six and twelve years old, need to be accompanies by an adult at all times.

Excellent Approach to Executive Club Lounge Cuisine

The Executive Club Lounge meets the needs of every guest. With the complimentary WIFI, avid business guests are able to keep up to date and on top of their work. While sitting in the luxury setting of the Executive Club Lounge. Guests on holiday for rest and rejuvenation are able to just sit back and enjoy with a cocktail in one hand and a canapé in the other.

One of the prominent features of the Executive Club Lounge is the extensive library on offer to guests to discover. There are staff members that attend to guests throughout the day with any food requests they might have. There is also a buffet that is served with a variety of different foods to suite every guests taste. From sushi to the best cheese and bread sticks. Guests cannot expect to go hungry at any point, when indulging in the Executive Club Lounge.

If guests have access to the Executive Club Lounge, as a Club Guest, they will be able to enjoy complimentary laundry services, a mini bar, daily newspapers as well as return airport transfers. This only adds to one of the reasons why you should upgrade to gain access to the Executive Club Lounge at Chedi Muscat.

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