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Top 5 Best Value Family Friendly Hotels in Saudi Arabia

Top 5 Best Value Family Friendly Hotels in Saudi Arabia

There are so many fun places to explore in Saudi Arabia. We have looked at many hotels and found the best for families and overall value. These are 5 you should evaluate before you make a reservation. A quality place to stay for a fair price means a better holiday and more money for other activities.

Swissotel Al Maqam Makkah

This is the tallest hotel around, and you won’t miss it! The Swissotel Al Maqam Makkah oversees the city, and there is plenty you can explore within walking distance. This is an enormous hotel, with more than 1,600 rooms. The Holy Kaaba can be seen from many of the rooms and the lobby windows.

There are several restaurants and shops at this hotel. There are children’s programs in the rooms on TV. The hotel also has daily activities for families and children to enjoy. There are several museums in this part of the city where you can explore with your family. Outdoor entertainment, parks, shops, and places to eat are plentiful.



Image: The Swissotel Al Maqam Makkah is extremely large, offers a great view, and has plenty to explore in the area.

Swissotel Makkah

The Swissotel Makkah offers close to 1,500 rooms, many of them suites. They offer a wonderful place for the family to relax and also a great view. There are many places to explore including museums and shops around the proximity. The Holy Masjid Al Haram is a common place people travel to see in Saudi Arabia and you can see it from the hotel.

There are two restaurants in this hotel, offering a variety of dishes. There are children’s TV programs offered in the rooms. Black Stone is a wonderful area to consider spending a day or two of your holiday time exploring landmarks and points of interest.


Image: Staying at Swissotel Makkah is a wonderful place for holiday due to the location and the view.

Hilton Makkah Convention Hotel

Featuring over 750 rooms and 2 restaurants, the Hilton Makkah Convention Hotel is a magnificent place to stay. It is clean, comfortable, and offers an abundance of space for families to replace and sleep. Children stay free at this hotel and the restaurants offer plenty of dishes kids will like too.

This hotel is situated in the heart of many landmarks, points of interest, and historical buildings. There are also shops, museums, parks, and places to eat in this area. Many of the religious locations people travel to this area to see are also very close. For places you plan to go further away, the hotel offers a free shuttle.


Image: Staying at the Hilton Makkah Convention Hotel offers a fun, comfortable, and convenient option.

Makkah Hotel

The Makkah Hotel is large, and you can easily walk outside and be at the Holy Haram. This hotel features 5 restaurants with a lovely atmosphere and remarkable dishes. Children stay free here, and there are daily activities for families to take part in. The kid’s club is a huge hit, with plenty of fun for them to be a part of!

Places to shop, explore the history, parks, museums, and dining experiences are all close by. There are also various forms of live entertainment offers. Your family will be able to walk around and explore the area. You won’t run out of new things to do while on holiday in this area.


Image: The Makkah Hotel is close to the Holy Haram, but there is so much more offered in this area too.

Madinah Hilton

Great dining options, a coffee shop, and a fabulous view are all part of what you get with a stay at the Madinah Hilton. Families will find the rooms clean and very comfortable. The hotel is quiet, giving you a chance to relax after a fun day of adventure. The hotel has shops inside of it, but there are also many in the blocks around it.

Live entertainment, parks, museums, and historical buildings are plentiful in this area. Your family can easily walk around and explore these options. Make sure you stay for several days here while on holiday. You don’t want to be disappointed you didn’t have time to see and do everything you would have liked to!

Image: Your accommodations will be exceptional, and there is so much you can see and do around this area when you stay at the Madinah Hilton.
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