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Top 5 Leading Family Friendly Hotels in the Philippines

Top 5 Leading Family Friendly Hotels in the Philippines

Being close to the places you wish to visit, staying in a comfortable place, and enjoying a lovely view create the best environment for your accommodations in the Philippines. Don’t leave your hotel up to chance, and hope it all works out. These are the top 5 hotels we reviewed in the Philippines.

Clark Marriott Hotel

The Clark Marriott Hotel is lovely and in an excellent location. Families love it due to the many family-oriented activities. There is a Kids Club and the restaurants feature choices kids tend to love! The free breakfast buffet each day also has items the children eat well. There is no charge for children to stay at this hotel.

There are two swimming pools, one inside and one outside. This is a large hotel, with over 250 large rooms. Each of them features large windows, offering an amazing view of the surroundings. There are bus tours for you to explore the culture, historical sights, nature, and wildlife. It is fun to pick the places your family will go to while you are in the Philippines.

Image: The Clark Marriott Hotel offers lovely accommodations with an amazing view!

The Alpha Suites

This is a great place to stay, and the suites are large, offering plenty of space for your family to spread out and relax! Children stay for free and the hotel features a great breakfast buffet each morning. There is a Kid’s Club and family activities at The Alpha Suites. Karaoke is one of the favourite activities held here!

There is a game room featuring billiards and table tennis for older children and adults. Squash is available, and a fun way to challenge each other. The two pools are places you often find families hanging out. One is inside and one is outside. Each suite features a kitchenette and dining area if you wish to have meals in your accommodations. Clean up is easy too with the dishwasher! There are several museums and restaurants within walking distance of the hotel.

Image: Your family will feel right at home when you stay at The Alpha Suites.

New World Makati Hotel

With almost 600 rooms, the New World Makati Hotel is a large facility! Your family will feel welcome from the moment you arrive. The magnificent staircase from the lobby is often talked about when it comes to hotel décor in this area. There are plenty of places to eat and shop close to the hotel. Various tours are available and you can walk to several of the sights. There are bus tours for those further away.

Children stay for free and there is also a free breakfast buffet. The hotel has several restaurants offering a variety of food choices. There are activities for the children, video game consoles, and toys available. Two play areas are featured, one outside and one inside the hotel. There are three swimming pools. One of them is exclusively for children and features lots of toys they can take into the water.

Image: The New World Makati Hotel is beautiful, stylish, and the perfect place for your family holiday.

The Lind Boracay

If your ideal place to stay in the Philippines is along the beachfront, The Lind Boracay is the best place to stay! The entire family will love the entertainment offered here. There is a game room and a Kid’s Club. Babysitting is available if you wish to have some time for adults only. The rooftop bar can be a beautiful place for drinks and adult conversation.

The beach is private, ensuring you don’t have to worry about overcrowding. The only other guests will be those also staying at the hotel. It is convenient to be able to go back and forth to the beach from your hotel in a matter of minutes. A few other popular beaches aren’t very far from this hotel if you wish to explore them too.

Image: The view from The Lind Boracay along with the spacious rooms is the perfect spot for a family holiday.

Conrad Manila

The spectacular view of your surroundings from the Conrad Manila hotel is amazing! The windows are from the floor to the ceiling, giving you a better view than your typical windows. The surrounding views include the ocean or the pool area. Mall of Asia is close by, and you will find plenty of things to do there. The shops, dining experiences, movies, and more make it a great place to spend time while in the Philippines.

Children are welcome here and babysitting services are available. There are plenty of activities for the family to take part in. Games, movies, and a play area are offered. If you need a stroller before you go exploring, stop by the front desk to pick one up. The two swimming pools are a great place for the family to relax and have fun. One is inside and the other is outside.

Image: If you can’t get enough of the ocean, the view from the Conrad Manila hotel is perfect!
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