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Address Dubai Marina Kids Club

This hotel has an outstanding Kids Club known as the Qix Club and caters to the needs of the young ones between the ages of five and twelve years. Located on the 14th floor of the hotel the Kids Club children are given ample opportunity to play, to learn and test their own abilities against the other little ones and themselves as they get busy with creating their own art works and listen to stories expertly told by dedicated staff members. Learning while playing is the aim, so that parents/guardians know sending the little ones to the Qix Club is well worth everybody’s effort.

As the first hour in the Kids Club is free, with AED 100 per hour per child thereafter, parents are assured that their children are safe, looked after, entertained and given various opportunities to play by themselves, mix with others their own age or find out more about what is on offer.

Playing and Learning in a Clean, Safe Space

Kids are entertained in an environment suited to their specific age groups whether they are busy on PlayStation, drawing pictures or playing with soft toys. It is safe and conducive to learning while playing as the dedicated staff member offers great experience at keeping young minds occupied and little kids inspired to find out more about the objects around them. They are encouraged to test the climbing walls specifically designed for their age group, to play with the toys, sit on the sofas, simulate good behaviour around the other kids and immerse themselves in the fantasy world of storytelling and movies chosen for their development level.

Fun and Learning Emphasised

Parents can feel confident that their children will be entertained for however long or short they attend the activities at the Qix Kids Club at Address Dubai Marina. Play time, story time, dance, arts and crafts in a room full of colour and bright light ensure your child is occupied and stimulated throughout their time in the spacious room. It was designed to offer the little ones ample opportunity to touch and experience, to sit on sofas and scattered cushions and to pretend they are someone else as they sit down at the table adorned with colourful flowers.

Kids are even taught how to make food such as pasta and pizza, and how to serve these dishes to the other kids. Learning and having fun at the same time is a given at the Qix Kids Club, and parents are assured that their little – and slightly older – ones are in good hands, well looked after and kept busy in the most positive environment.

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