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Adventuring in the Amalfi Coast: Fun in the Sun for the Entire Family

Exploring Italy as a family often results in you wanting to escape the hustle and bustle of the historical cities. The Amalfi Coast, set in south western Italy, can be a welcome change of scenery. The region is well-known, often called the “Divine Coast.” It is a boot shaped peninsula with spectacular sea views, beautiful landscapes, and relaxing beaches. It is also blessed with warm Mediterranean sunshine, making it a great travel destination for families of all ages.

Image: The jagged coastline with beautiful mountains in the background at Atrani Beach in South-West Italy

The Amalfi Coast is brimming with wonderful scenery, including traditional villages, calm waters, and lush green hills. The shallow waters are perfect for young children. For the adventure seekers, there are great hikes through the lush vegetation. Be prepared when visiting to climb a lot of stairs. The stairs add to the charm of the villages and towns in the region, that are set on the jagged coastline and hills.

The coastline is very attractive to families visiting Italy, but it offers so much more, including a choice of seafood dishes, including local specialities. The Sfusato Amalfitano and the Femminiello Sorrentino lemons are used in a variety of dishes, including mouthwatering desserts. The Amalfi Coast is also home to Cattedrale di Sant’Andrea, a historical area, home to Chapel of the Crucifix, that is a popular tourist attraction. It is also home to an important part of Italian heritage, the relics of Saint Andrew, the Catholic Apostle.

What is very attractive about the region is the experiences for children. There are family-friendly pizza making classes as Primaluce Farm, along with lemon tasting in the Heaven Gardens. There is so much more to the Amalfi Coast than it's culinary delights and spectacular landscapes. The area is brimming with history and culture. Villa Rufolo in Ravello is a popular concert hall that dates back to the thirteenth century.

Image: Beautiful Amalfi Town overlooking the clear blue ocean

Families often choose to explore the coast with boat tours, offering a unique way to soak up the beauty of the area. There is plenty to do, including swimming and snorkeling. The coastline has been the backdrop of numerous artworks, including “The Duchess of Malfi” by John Webster to the 2017 film “Wonder Woman.”

Image: A view of Postano Italy with boats bobbing in the waters below

The Amalfi Coast is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site, preserved for its architectural and natural wonders. Sentiero degil Dei, also known as the Path of the Gods, is a wonderful hike boasting the most spectacular views from five hundred and eighty metres above sea level. The trail was originally used by shepherds.

This region is a wonderful choice for families looking for a beautiful and exciting holiday experience. In addition to this choice of recreational activities, families can immerse themselves in the rich history and culture of the region. It is an area that will have you wanting to return in the future, providing a quiet atmosphere that can be enjoyed throughout the year.

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