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Is Tunisia Safe To Travel To?

Tunisia is a beautiful country, set in North America, location between Libya and Algeria. This country boasts a beautiful Mediterranean coastline, known for it's bustling markets. It offers cultural diversity with a rich history, appealing to international travellers from around the world. With it's current geopolitical standing, it's no surprise that travellers question whether it is safe to travel to or not. The area has a history of unrest and political turbulence. We have put together some important details for your consideration, helping you understand the safety of Tunisia, enabling you to make an informed decision on whether to travel to this beautiful North African destination or not.

Image: The beautiful stone walled Mosque Okba in Kairouan, Tunisia

Tunisia has had a rocky history, originally being part of the Ottoman Empire before becoming controlled by the French. It gained independence in March 1956. A revolution erupted in 2011 as the country fought for democracy, this started the Arab Spring. The countries journey into becoming a democratic republic has helped to strengthen its status, showing great progress in the region. Its transition has been noted for peaceful elections, though there are some urban areas that sometimes experience demonstrations and protests, though it's uncommon for these to be problematic or dangerous for tourists.

Sadly over the years, there have been some attacks on tourists. The most recent was in 2015, but the government has now taken necessary steps to reduce risk to travellers. These steps include increasing security at popular tourist attractions, hotels, and airports, along with areas that international travellers tend to visit on a regular basis. The country has also collaborated with other countries to fight off terrorist activities in the country.

When compared to its neighbouring countries, Tunisia has a lower crime rate. The most common crimes experienced by travellers includes financial deceit and petty crimes, such as pick-pocketing. Most of the petty crime takes place in crowded areas and areas that are popular with tourists. It is recommended that you do not show off any valuables, avoid wearing thick gold jewellery, flashing cash around, or wearing large cameras around your neck. By adopting preventative measures, you can protect your possessions, reducing the risk of becoming a victim of crime in the country.

Tunisia has an excellent reputation for their modern medical facilities in the major cities, including Sfax and Tunis, offering medical services to residents and visitors. The hospitals are well-equipped, though it is recommended that when travelling to Tunisia you take out a comprehensive international health insurance to cover any emergencies and medical expenses, including repatriation if needed.

Image: The modern Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Farhat Hached de Sousse in Tunisia

Safe Travel Tips for Tunisia

In order to remain safe and avoid crime during your trip to Tunisia, there are a few things to keep in mind. These include:

  • Be informed and updated on current affairs, taking note of travel advisories provided by your home country. Be sure you are updated before you travel
  • Be aware of any local customs, such as dressing modestly when in the cities or visiting religious sights, showing respect for local Muslim customs and culture
  • Choose your guest accommodation with care, taking note of its reputation and security measures. This will ensure you have an enjoyable and safe experience
  • Be aware when visiting tourist attractions and crowded spaces to avoid the risk of being a victim of theft and scams
  • Pack your suitcase based on the warm Tunisian climate, while following good hygiene practices to avoid needing a doctor during your holiday

It is important to remember that whatever country you choose to visit in the world will pose some risk. Tunisia has so much to offer international travellers from local traditions to beautiful landscapes. The residents are friendly and welcoming. As long as you are prepared and take the necessary safety precautions, there is no reason why you should not have an enjoyable and safe holiday experience.

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