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Delta Hotel Philadelphia Airport Executive Club Lounge

The executive club lounge at Delta Hotel Philadelphia Airport provides twenty four hour access, for your convenience. Catering to business and leisure travellers, this executive club lounge offers you three food and beverage options that are complimentary. These include:

  • Coffee, tea and soft drinks available twenty four hours a day
  • Snacks, including crisps, peanuts and fruits available twenty four hours a day
  • Breakfast is complimentary to executive club lounge guests in the lobby restaurant

Children are welcome in the executive club lounge.

This executive club lounge, known as Delta Pantry, is very exclusive and only provides access to Ambassador Elite and Titanium members. Unlike other hotels, you cannot select a guest room to gain access or pay an additional fee.

Highly Exclusive with Twenty Four Hour Access

This executive club lounge provides you with snacks and drinks throughout the day and night. The drinks included in the executive club lounge is coffee, tea, soft drinks, including juices and sodas. The food items include crisps, peanuts, pretzels and fruits. It is ideal for a quick grab and go. As an executive club lounge guest, you will receive a breakfast coupon provided to you at no additional cost. Breakfast is served in the lobby restaurant.

The executive club lounge at Delta Hotel Philadelphia Airport is modern and comfortable. It is not large, but provides ample seating with plush sofas, soft arm chairs and coffee tables where you can enjoy the snacks or gaze out at the view. It is the perfect place to do some work, relax after a day of exploring the sights or to meet with colleagues or friends.

Clean and Simple

This twenty four hour access executive club lounge provides you with what you need when travelling to Philadelphia. Whether you are on a quick layover or you are in town for business or to explore the sights, as an Ambassador Elite or Titanium member, you will find this executive club lounge a comfortable space that is clean and simple. A chance to get out of your room, enjoy a coffee or soft drink or a snack.

There is a workstation on one side where you can set up your laptop and finish off your work or check your emails using the complimentary high speed internet. The large floor to ceiling windows capture the view from the twelfth floor, while allowing for an abundance of natural light to flow into the space. It has been designed for comfort with artwork on the walls and floor lamps that provide a cosy atmosphere in the evenings. The food area is large with a coffee machine, tea making facilities and large fridge brimming with a choice of refreshing soft drinks on the one side. The island offers a complete range of snacks that you can enjoy during your stay. They are offered on a grab and go basis, so you can grab a packet of crisps and a soft drink as you unwind after exploring the sights. It is the perfect lounge area to relax after a long flight or after a day of busy meetings. While not very large, it does meet your travel needs, offering everything you need to feel comfortable. It offers you a quiet place to hold a discreet meeting with colleagues or simply to read your book and get out of your room for a while.

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