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Everything you need to know to plan an unforgettable family vacation to Israel

A trip to the Promised Land is simply a must for any family

Israel may be a small country (compared to many others) but it boasts a plethora of historical and religious sites. The famed Dead Sea resort city of Tel Aviv, the Biblical Bethlehem, and the Safed Kabbalah Centre are just some of the main draws for tourists. This country is also bordered by two seas: the Red Sea and the Mediterranean Ocean. Those planning a family holiday to Israel will find this information very useful in orienting themselves regarding the time of year, and other trip nuances.

Most people question why Israel is a popular family holiday location, and the truth is that Israel reminds one of its origins. It provides a distinct kind of peacefulness, with trips to historical Jerusalem, biblical Nazareth's city, Haifa harbour, Tel Aviv's resort and Bethlehem.

IMAGE: The Western Wall also known as the Wailing Wall, is a religious site, but also a very popular tourist attraction in Jerusalem.

According to online reviews, most families visit Jerusalem, where they would book a local tour to see the Western Wall (also known as the Wailing Wall), Mount Scopus, the Israeli Parliament Knesset, and the Supreme Court building. Nazareth is also a major tourist destination, where you can see some of Bethlehem's oldest churches, the cave where Jesus was buried, the Dairy cave, the Herodian stronghold, and Rachel's tomb.

As mentioned in our previous articles, the Dead Sea is also one of Israel's most popular tourist destinations, with many visitors coming for health reasons. Although there is no scientific evidence to support this, it is claimed that the Dead Sea can aid in the treatment of skin illnesses such as vitiligo, psoriasis, and other types of dermatitis.

IMAGE: Eilat, Israel's southernmost city, is recognised for its amazing combination of the surrounding desert scenery, the lovely beach area, and all-year summer sun, making for an ideal family vacation.

Is Israel a popular beach vacation destination?

Undoubtedly, yes! In fact, Israel is known by tourists from across the globe for its nice beach vacations. Eilat, for example, is a popular tourist destination, according to online traveller reviews. The southernmost city in Israel attracts tourists because of its comfort, modern shopping centres, and proximity to the Red Sea shore. Underwater diving, desert safaris, and restful vacation at the seaside are all options for family entertainment. Eilat is well-known for its mild and pleasant weather, as well as its affordable accommodation costs for families.

Tel Aviv is another popular holiday destination for families in the Mediterranean. It is separated among various beaches, each with its own distinctive features and attractions.

Underwater diving in Israel

If you're looking for fresh and exciting adventures, underwater diving in Israel is the perfect pastime. Scuba diving is particularly popular in Israel due to abundant marine life, crystal-clear water, and exclusive diving places. The ideal months to go are September and October, although you can go scuba diving in Israel at any time of year. You might be surprised by the clarity you will find underwater, even during the off-season and in the cold weather of winter, which is why summer months are not really recommended for scuba diving.

IMAGE: One of the reasons why you should consider a family holiday to Israel, is because it offers many great places where you and your family can go scuba diving.


Some of the best places to go scuba diving, are as follows:

  • Dive Urge which also has the exciting Eel garden
  • Village Beach
  • The Nature Reserve, which is more suitable for seasoned divers
  • Gordon Caves, where you could spot an octopus or two
  • The Birds Head Canyon
  • North Coral Beach - Eilat, which is perfect to explore its stunning corals
  • The beautiful underwater caves of Rosh Hanikra
  • The Archaeological Park - Caesarea Underwater Port
  • Nahariya where you will see some unique marine creatures and
  • Bat Yam if you are looking for something both artificial and natural.

The promised land is exactly what it says no matter the season; in fact, the flow of tourists in this region does not even stop in the middle of winter. During winter, the climate is relatively mild and has a comparable journey. According to experienced travellers, if you choose the right area to stay in, you can see and discover practically everything this magnificent country has to offer while learning more about its history and culture, and enjoying the lovely beaches, desert safaris, sunshine, and plenty of water activities.

When is the best time for families to visit Israel for holiday?

When planning a family holiday to Israel, it is best to go in the spring or early summer, before it gets too hot. Because of the subtropical environment, the summer here is particularly dry and very hot, therefore many families with young children prefer to visit the country in the autumn, when it is slightly cooler, or even in winter.

While the suffocating summer heat makes it difficult to appreciate the grandeur of all the gorgeous landscapes, historical monuments, and culture, December is perhaps the best month to plan a family holiday to Israel.

IMAGE: December in Israel offers a great selection of festivals and events for all ages and tastes, ranging from concerts to folk music festivals, comedy tours, and major cultural festivals, with cultural events continuing throughout the month, including Christmas for Christians, Hanukkah festivities for Jews, and New Year's Eve in Israel, which is becoming bigger every year.

Although the beaches are less crowded at this time, it does not preclude you from swimming or participating in water sports activities such as undersea diving or boat cruises. There are also a lot of significant events taking place in December, and you and your family can even participate in the local, colourful processions through the streets.

Finally, keep in mind that weather conditions vary greatly depending on the region, and where you are going on vacation. For example, it is often very windy in Haifa and Tel Aviv, so if you are going to visit this location, you should always have a couple of winter jackets and tracksuits on hand, especially if you are planning long evening walks with your family. In Jerusalem, on the other hand, it rarely rains in December, but they may make up for it with snow. He usually comes a couple of times a month, and the nights in the fall can go down to 10 degrees Celsius.

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