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FIVE Palm Jumeirah Dubai Kids club

The Kids Club at FIVE Palm Jumeirah Dubai is referred to as High FIVE Kids Club and offers parents the assurance that their children are entertained in a safe environment where trained, experienced staff members take care of their needs, look after them and entertain them for the 2 hours per day that children are allowed to attend this facility.

The Kids Club is open every day between 9am and 7:30pm on the ground floor close to the family pool to ensure that as many kids as possible attend, since only 10 children at a time can be accommodated due to social distancing requirements. Therefore parents should book their children’s attendance in advance in order to avoid disappointment, especially when your attention is needed elsewhere at specific times. Children from outside can, unfortunately, not be accepted as this service is available only to the guests at FIVE Palm Jumeirah Dubai.

Children under 5 years of age must be accompanied by an adult. The Kids Club’s activities are designed with children older than 4 years in mind; therefore the younger ones will have only free play, for which they will have access to an assortment of toys suitable for children of 1 year and above.

Variety to Entertain the Young Ones

At the Kids Club a plethora of activities, toys and colourful objects to stimulate developing minds ensure that all children are kept busy, interested and entertained by staff members whose job it is to make sure those under their care are safe, integrated and offered various opportunities to partake of activities such as free play, balloon dancing for toddlers, face painting, mini treasure hunts, crafty décor, nail art, cookies decoration and a great many more options to keep children busy, inspired and entertained as they learn about themselves, the other kids and the world they live in. Programs are designed to offer the child physical activity complemented by stimulating their senses and mind to incorporate play and learning at the same time in the activities.

You can see an example timetable below:

Safe Environment With Opportunity to Develop

The Kids Club at FIVE Palm Jumeirah Dubai is a safe area and dedicated staff members experienced and always in control, so that parents have the assurance that their kids are looked after and their well-being high priority during the time they spend at the Kids Club. To stimulate their young minds, brilliant colours welcome them inside the Kids Club, and they are welcome to sit on the scattered cushions and wooden table with chairs.

Staff members control this aspect to ensure everyone gets a turn and has access to seating, the play area and books, toys and the area outside near the pool, always making sure that safety is high priority. At the Kids Club children learn while playing, and they discover the world through their own – and others’ – eyes and develop as they are taught various skills, while having fun and mixing with their peers.

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