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Marjan Island Resort & Spa Kids Club

The Kids Club at the Marjan Island Resort & Spa, is also known as the Pirates Club and it accommodates children from the ages of three to fifteen. This Kids Club offers a wide variety of activities and it is open from 12pm to 8pm everyday. The Pirates Club offers activities in three age categories, so that the children are participating in age appropriate activities. The different categories include: two to four years old; five to ten years old and eight years old and older.


The Pirates Club has designed the activity programs to cater for three different age categories, so that the children can enjoy activities with friends, their own age. While the Pirates Club is open daily for children to enjoy, there is currently only one trained professional to supervise the children. The Kids Club is able to accommodate up to 15 children at one time. While the younger children can enjoy exploring the jungle gyms at the Pirates Club, the older children will be able to use the pool table and arcade games. Although the children will have separate activities for different age groups, you can rest assured that the siblings will always be together.

Parents are able to leave their children at the Pirates Club, knowing that their children will have a good time while being safely supervised. Guests' children will be so busy with all the activities that the Pirates Club offers.

Special Scheduled Activities for Children Aged 2 To 4 Years Old

The Pirates Club team has compiled a schedule of activities for children aged two to four years old. As children at this age are a little bit smaller, the Pirate Club wants parents to be rest assured that there will be supervision and facilitation throughout all of the activities with the children. The smaller children will have more time to free play amongst themselves. These little guests will also have the opportunity to participate in activities. Activities include everything from puzzle fun, face painting, dough action, arts and crafts and more.

You will see an example of the timetable for the 2 to 4 year olds below:


Scheduled Activities for Children Aged 5 To 10 Years Old

The Pirates Club team has made a schedule for children aged 5 to 10 years old. These children are welcome to join in on a range of different activities that are suited to them. While this age group's schedule is a bit more jam packed with activities, there is time for free play as well as time for swimming. All of which will be done with the supervision of one of the hotel's trained professionals. The activities that these children can expect, range from UNO battles, to board games, catch me if you can, hide and seek and more. 

You will see an example of the timetable for the 5 to 10 year olds below:

Scheduled Activities for Children Aged 8 Years Old and Upwards

If your children are 8 years old and older, they will still be able to enjoy the Pirates Club to its full. The Pirates Club team has put together a schedule of activities for these children to enjoy with their friends. The older children have a more active schedule, as the Pirates Club wants children to “be active and have fun”. The activities on this schedule range from archery, snooker ball challenges, football challenges and more. All activities will be done with supervision at all times.

You will see an example of the timetable for the children aged 8 years old and upwards below:

All of the age group schedules for the Pirates Club are geared towards all the children having fun on holiday, while still being in a safe environment. There are so many activities and the children will be busy all day.

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