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Safest Countries to Visit in 2024

Are you planning your 2024 holiday? It's important to choose a safe destination where you can relax with confidence, without the worries of safety and security. This means having a good understanding of the safety of the country you wish to visit. A valuable resource you can use is the Global Peace Index (GPI), that provides information on the safety and security of countries around the world, helping you choose your next holiday destination with confidence.

Taking the time to research the countries you wish to visit and learning about their safety and security can play a role in your enjoyment of the country. We advise you pay close attention to the reliability of the public transport, healthcare standards, the crime rate, and finally, any weather risks the country has based on the season you wish to travel. Having a good understanding of the country can ensure you have a safe travel experience.

This guide is destined to provide you with the information you need to choose the safest countries to visit in 2024.


Iceland is recorded as one of the safest countries to visit in 2024. It offers political stability, along with magnificent landscapes, and very low crime rates. It has been chosen as one of the safest countries in the world, making it ideal for your next holiday.

Most travellers worry about crime rates when visiting a new country. This is completely understandable, as you want a fun and relaxing holiday. You don't want to have to worry about your security every time you leave your hotel or resort. Iceland is recorded as being exceptionally safe with violent crime and theft being a rare occurrence. The low crime rate is thanks to the very tight-knit community with welcoming residents.

Image: Spectacular waterfall in Iceland, during winter, surrounded by a snowy backdrop


Austria remains a top tourist destination and this is thanks to their excellent safety record. The country boasts natural beauty and cultural heritage, with a safe travel destination appealing to traveller from around the world. This enables you to explore the country with complete confidence, never having to worry about your family's safety.

The country's established infrastructure and outstanding public services are what encourages the country's low crime rate. It is considered one of the safest countries to visit in 2024, providing a chance to enjoy a host of beautiful historical architecture, cuisine, art, music, and literature.

Image: The quaint village of Hallstatt, set on the water's edge in the Salzkammergut region of Austria.


Finland is another country that makes the safe countries to visit list each year. It is known for it's welcoming residents, offering a safe and secure destination for families, couples, and groups. Finland has one of the highest quality of life ratings, making it a firm favourite when choosing a travel destination for this year.

The country is passionate when it comes to innovation and sustainability. Their high quality of life is thanks to their outstanding educational facilities, superior healthcare, and social support. Visitors enjoy the choice of outdoor experiences that include hiking, fishing, wildlife spotting, and more.

Image: A lakeside home in Finland, surrounded by lush greenery


Canada attracts visitors from around the world each year, thanks to their excellent safety track record. This friendly country is known for its beautiful landscapes and rich culture. It is a wonderful destination for travellers that are looking for a diverse experience, complete with the best in safety and security.

Canada is home to some of the most beautiful lakes and mountains, providing visitors with an excellent holiday experience. The country has exceptionally strict gun control laws and progressive social policies. Combine that with a low crime rate and you can visit the top cities, including Calgary, Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver, with confidence in 2024.

Image: Gazing at the popular Polson Pier in Toronto, Canada


Mauritius is an island paradise and also the safest country in Africa. It is ranked the twenty-eighth safest country in the world with a GPI score of 1,570. This exotic island offers a family friendly holiday destination, overflowing with history and culture. It is a peaceful setting with a low crime rate, making it one of the safest countries to visit in 2024.

Image: A birds-eye view of the popular Paradis Beachcomber Golf Resort & Spa in Black River, Mauritius, surrounded by turquoise clear waters.


Safety is paramount to many travellers today and when it comes to planning your 2024 holiday you want to ensure you choose a safe destination, where you don't have to worry about crime. The Global Peace Index is definitely the best resource for travellers, helping you identify the safe countries with a few clicks of the mouse. This year, Iceland really stands out with their low crime rate, while Austria remains a firm favourite with international travellers. Canada offers a diverse culture, natural beauty, and safety, while Mauritius remains the safest African country, offering an exotic island location, complete with spectacular resorts and clear turquoise waters.

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