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Salalah Rotana Resort Kids Club

The Salalah Rotana Resort Kids Club, also known as the Flipper’s Kids Club is open every day for children from 10am to 7pm. It is located within the hotel near the reception, behind cluster ten. This Kids Club caters to children that are aged from three to twelve years old. The hotel makes sure that the guests feel at ease as their children will be under the watchful eye of their professional staff at all times. The team at the Flipper’s Kids Club have put together an action packed schedule together that the children can enjoy, between their indoor and outdoor facilities.

The Flipper’s Kids Club facilities are top of the range to keep up the high standard of the hotel. This Kids Club indoor area spans over a space of one hundred and fifty meters, where the children are able to have a great time.

The Flipper’s Kids Club is scheduled for children in one age group from three to twelve years old. This age group is tailored for children that have siblings between these ages. Children are able to engage and play with their brothers and sisters if they want. They can also make new friends with the other children at the Kids Club. The hotel has made sure that there are two staff members at any given time that are supervising the children. There is also a maximum of twenty children that are allowed in the Kids Club at any given time.

While parents are the freedom to drop their children off at the Kids Club at any time of the day, there is a time limit that children can only stay at the Flipper’s Kids Club for up to three hours at a time. This will ensure that all the children get the opportunity to explore the Flipper’s Kids Club. The team at this Kids Club are dedicated that the children have the best experience with every activity and all of their facilities.

Special Scheduled Activities for Flipper’s Kids

The team members that run the Flipper’s Kids Club have put together a combination of really great activities that children of any age can enjoy. There is a variety of different activities that have been spread out differently every day to change it up. The indoor play area has been decorated in primary colours, and it has a classically styled wooden bookcase where all the children’s toys are stored. Other areas of the indoor Kids Club facilities include rooms with bright and colourful chairs to sit on. There is also space where the smaller children can play with toy horses and a flat screen television to watch cartoons. The outdoor facilities have shaded jungle gyms that all the children will be able to play on without worrying about the sun. Activities that are included on the schedule consist of: Disney colouring, face and rock painting, memory games, yoga classes and more.

You can see an example of the timetable for the Flipper’s Kids Club here:

The Flipper’s Kids Club team is ready and waiting to register all the children wanting to take part in their Kids Club activities. With stunning indoor and outdoor facilities and endless activities to keep the children busy for hours, they won’t want to leave.

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