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The WB Abu Dhabi Kids Club

The Kids Club at The WB Abu Dhabi is located on the 1st floor outside the Main Matinee Pool Area. It is open daily between 9:00 am and 7:00 pm, with a lunch break from 1:30 pm until 3:00 pm. During this time they also make time for thorough sanitation. Hotel guests’ children are offered access to the Kids Club every day for up to 2 hours as a complimentary service to them and their parents. Kids between the ages of 4 and 14 are welcome to attend, and they should be dropped and fetched again by a parent/guardian afterwards. The Kids Club offers kids different activities in an environment that appeals to the young child’s sense of fantasy and wonderment.


During their stay at the Kids Club children are constantly under the supervision of well-experienced staff that understand what the little ones want and need. Therefore parents are assured that their children are safe and they can leave them with confidence in the care of the staff that are responsible to look after them and entertain them. Activities are designed and scheduled to ensure that all children will benefit from their visit to the Kids Club.

Children are Offered Excellent Opportunities to be Entertained

The Kids Club is well organised and staff makes sure that the programme keeps children entertained and occupied. Many different activities ensure that different aspects of the child’s mind and sense of curiosity are considered. An exciting selection of games and activities ensures that every child can take part in the games and opportunities to help them develop their creative side. Games include hide and seek, tag games and board games. There are also opportunities to enjoy their creative side when they are offered arts and crafts, word puzzles, and even cooking class. For physical activity they can take part in mild fitness games, hula hoop, relay races and many more opportunities to be active.

An example timetable can be seen below:


Inviting and Friendly – An Ideal Space for the Little Ones

Programmes are scheduled in two areas, one for outdoor, and the other for indoor activities. All of this happens under proper supervision, with children’s age group always kept in mind by the staff. All spaces ensure that the children are reminded of their favourite movie characters such as Bugs Bunny and others that young children love. These characters’ pictures are displayed on the walls and are unmistakably the characters young children see in the movies and in print.

An abundance of colour helps to ensure that children feel excited and remain interested in what is happening around them. There are tables and chairs to sit on while they draw, and a slide to entertain them when they need some physical activity. The Kids Club at The WB Abu Dhabi is a warm, inviting and friendly space ideal for the little ones where they can spend an hour or two every day.

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